Is mechanical engineering useful in ID?

People im in serious doubt here:

I’ve been excited by industrial and automotive design eversince i was 12 or something like that. I was finnishing high school last year and i wasnt certain about my course. I was innitially planning in going to industrial design and after that a master in automotive design. However my parents werent as fascinated as i was cause they know that sucsess in those areas is not guaranteed. Since i also liked cars not just by their looks but also by what it makes them move, i thought in mechanical engineering as an option.
My father is kinda old and he’s a civil engineer therefore, in portugal and with that kind of age(58), they tend to be close minded and look at art students in general as weak and useless human beings, which seriously pisses me off. My mom is also a civil engineer with great talent in arts, and she regrets not studying architecture.
Anyway, my father finally conviced me in going enroll in mechanical engineering since i was kinda good in maths and in physics but never respecting my passion for arts. My mom thought it was a good idea because a mechanical engineering is qualified to do almost everything, and after that i would take ID. I asked a second opinion to a friend of mine who is an IDr who told it was a great idea to enroll in such course and after that i should do ID at last. After a year in that dreadful course i feel that i HATE the people around me and the kind of things im learning, its probably one of most dificult courses in my country and it sucks, I dont know i just feel really misplaced and i feel like im fighting for something that i dont want, i just cant convice myself if it is worth fighting, therefore my first year was terrible because i just didnt feel anykind of motivation, everyone around me was moving on but i felt like time was passing by and things were just staying the same, i’ve desperate ever since and i STILL dont know what to do, should i quit and do ID? or should i finish it, i still got 3 years left if im lucky and i really dont feel like doin it right now, is it really worth it or is it a waste of time?? Because when i finish the course ill be 22 and that maybe kinda late, i dont know im really desperate and it would be very important for me if you guys could answer this post.
Thank very much for your patience i owe you people a lot really

Many people in ID have similar backgrounds. I myself applied to both ME and ID programs when I applied to colleg, but chose the ID route and am very happy with my decision. I had the same “oh you’re so good at math and physics, should should be an engineer” line.

If you hate ME then you probably answered your own question. ID is hard, it is selective, and it isn’t a field to get into if you’re looking to be filthy rich or stay in a very specific location. If your parent’s don’t approve of art school then consider a program thats more technical based. There are many schools that focus on the design itself, rather than the pretty pictures you create. There are also product engineering and other types of courses that are more technical based.

Automotive design is incredibly selective. You truly do have to be the best of the best, and even then the working environments can be much less fun then the actual act of designing a car is. Of course if you do get into the club, you can go pretty much anywhere you want afterwards.

If you hate what you’re doing then stop doing it, convince your parents its the wrong path for you, and show them that theres plenty of careers out for designers as long as you work to be the best at it and don’t settle for just passing your courses. If you do that you’ll find a job, but you won’t be working in the design field.

Hope that helps.

I started in ME and then switched to ID. I haven’t looked back since.

At least you know what you want to do. I hadn’t even heard of ID when I was lost in ME. I stumbled into ID. I wish I had known more about it and switched schools to a better school for ID.

No one can answer your questions but you. The only advice I think anyone can legitimately give you is that this is your life. Not your parent’s, or your friend’s life. Do what is best for you and what is going to make you happy and give you the passion you need. As you have already hinted at, you can design automobiles as a Mechanical Engineer…just more likely that you will be designing how the car runs, not looks.

Dig deep. Figure out what you need and do it. Don’t let anyone take away from you what you know is right for you.

Yes but the question is if will be useful to have a mechanical engineering degree or is it just another feat in my resume??

Useful? In ID?

100% useful.

My favorite description to people that don’t know what Industrial Design is is:

Think of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design being on two sides of a spectrum. Pure ME thinks only of how something functions. Pure ID thinks only how something looks. There are all colors of the spectrum in between.

The disciplines of ID and Mech overlap. So you would not be losing anything, other than time, going for both degrees, IMO.

Yup be both, like old Leonardo Davinci…art, engineering…magic

I think just having a good core foundation in engineering is a huge asset. Will having the degree hurt? Absolutely not, but paying for ~8 years of school might be a bit much.

Having a good understanding of how things work, how they’re made, why things will and won’t work is an essential part of ID that a lot of people miss out on, esp if they’re in more art based programs.

Just being able to communicate with an engineer using their terms is a huge plus. You don’t want to be a designer who hands someone something impossible to build, and then just expect them to make it work. By understanding both sides of the fence you’ll get a better product to market faster.