Is living a 'completely' sustainable life feasible?

Well ok then.

Maybe I should cut back on the coffee a bit.


I believe a sustainable life is possible.

The only way it can be done is for it to be designed.(and forward thinking) Scientists and designers will have to work together, developing materials and processes that will return the nutrients that are used, back to the soil, “imagine a world where throwing away was guilt free”.

Take wood burned as fuel, this is, in many ways a sustainable source, the carbondioxide burned from the wood equals that which the tree absorbed in its life.(example)

This is what materials will have to do, the styrofoam cup will be thrown down and will decompose.The energy and sources used to make it will be returned to the earth, therefore giving back what was taken.

In an ideal world this concept would give MORE back than was taken!

Heres hoping anyway!!