is it worth taking a foundation course n preparing a portfol

hi i’m doing my senior year. and i’m interested in taking a foundation course in art n design so that helps me decide wut i wanna major. but do u think its a waste of time? it might be too expensive to go 5 yrs including undergrad and all right?
i might be doing the foundation course in UK. any suggestions? does it matter wut school i go for a foundation course??

i don’t think it woukd hurt to take a course. Build your skills and get a little early exposure… its a good idea

is it worth taking a foundation course?
i’ll have an extra year to pay for…
and also u think i can receive a good scholarship with a good portfolio after my foundation course??

i think it’s a good idea. i’m doing the same thing right now but am taking my courses at a community college, which has a really good art department. i’m glad i’m doing so because all of the teachers have given me great advice and the school also has a course dedicated to portfolio preparation. and like you said this first year will give you a good idea if you really want to major in design .

do foundation courses cost the same as an undergrad year?

Yes, if you’re a fulltime student, less if you’re taking a course here and there. But, you can’t qualify for financial aid unless you’re a fulltime student.

It depends where your from if your from the EU the a foundation is very cheap. Foundation courses are a lot cheaper for me it was only £200 pounds where as my first year degree was £2000 as the same university. But my friend from Japan paid £1500 for his foundation and £7000 for his first year I don’t know If he paid more because is from outside the EU or because he’s a mature student.

If you want to go to a GOOD collage in England you defiantly have to do a foundation, many courses wont except you without one.

But it’s different in the US but id still do a foundation any was, it gives you a good grounding and allows you to explore different areas of art and design. Many of my friends that started in the industrial design department stitched to a different department like graphic design or art and many from other disciplines switched to industrial design.

In the UK:

For a “Foundation in art and design” ravensbourne, Camberwell, central st martins, Chelsea college of art and design, KIAD.

There are also places that do foundations in specific areas of expertise such as the AA they do an amazing foundation in Architecture

where did ur friend go?

would a foundation year in UK be better or US

foundataions in the uk are better as thay are a reqwirement for any good course, this keeps the standards high.

but foundation year is not counted as an undergrad year right?
if i were to take a foundation year…would that mean i can finish college in 3 yrs in the US? or 2 yrs in UK?

no it dousent count

are you talking about taking a foundation year, or a couple of foundation classes?

You can only take a foundation year if you are enrolled fulltime… so you would allready be in the school! If you are talking about taking a foundation year at lets say a lesser school and then transfering to a better school, all of the credits may not transfer.

well see i lookd up all these schools in the UK and some said they have a foundation course…which i figured it may be taken by anyone…i’m guessing it will certify with sth…its a diploma course or sth…
and then i’ll have a good portfolio…so i can appy to good schools in the US for scholarships

then MOST likely it will still take 4 years (and don’t forget some US programs are 5)

Personally, I went to a US county community college my first year to build up my portfolio out of school. I knew I wanted to be a professional artist but, A. I didn’t have much money for big time art schools and B. I didn’t have a great portfolio coming out of high school.

I think its the best decision I ever made. I saved some money, built up a great portfolio, and the credits transferred directly over to the big time art school where I started as a second year student.

Then my second year I refined my portfolio even more so it was a breeze getting into the ID major.

But, thats me. This won’t work for everyone. Just stating my experience.

Good luck,