Is it realistic to skip the BA?

I remember we hashed that accreditation topic pretty heavily a few years back. I think the resolution (or my interpretation of) is that the field is so diverse you would be accrediting the bare minimum… of course brain surgery is pretty different from foot surgery.

some of us have been paying rot those silver spoons in decades long installments!

I guess it all boils down to:

Yes, anybody can get a Masters in design and probably get a job, but it is not the traditional way of doing it. And it seems it would be an uphill battle competing with the other designers that spend 2-4 years to get their BAs or BSs.

Yes, you can get an apprenticeship but I don’t know of anybody going that route.

Yes, you can learn on your own but you will be learning in a vacuum never knowing what you are doing right or wrong. Again, don’t know anybody that went that route.

I guess they see it as an MBA in a way. What they haven’t experienced or understand is the importance of your portfolio. What makes your portfolio is what you learn over the years and the thousands of ours spent doing different projects and learning from other people. Like everything it will depend on the individual his/her determination and the people around providing guidance.

There’s a great podcast from Feng Zhu on self education for people trying to get into Concept Art.

Not directly ID related but a lot of similarities.

My 2 cents on the topic: I think there are a lot of ID programs that are graduating a lot of students that are ill-prepared for the industry. A degree does not guarantee a job by any stretch.

That being said, I do not think I could have come even close to achieving the same growth over 15 years of self education as I achieved in 5 years of in school/internships.

I’m going to throw something in to the mix that often seems to be forgotten when we talk about not going to university, both for ID and also for any other subjects:

University helps you grow as a person and you learn a lot more than just what subject is printed on your “certificate”

If we’re talking about 18 year olds skipping college and going straight in to an apprenticeship then the pure logistics of it just wouldn’t be feasible. For starters unless you were raised in an area that has good ID firms close by then realistically you’re going to have to move away from the nest and figuring out what it takes to be an “adult” whilst giving it your all to be valued and the firm.

With college you have a safety net, you’re living in dorms, those around you are all in the same boat so it is easier to make friends, there are people on campus to provide help, in some places you don’t even have to cook for yourself as there is a canteen - you can even get your laundry done for you.

I’ll happily tell the new person what areas not to get an apartment to live in and I’ll even go so far as to help them move their stuff up 3 flights of stairs in exchange for a couple of beers. But if I had to start babysitting them then because they got drunk and lost their keys…yeah thats not for me.

Also, at university you get to meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds and cultures that broaden your horizons more so than if you’d just moved away from mum and dad. Most of us can say design is our biggest passion but if it hadn’t have been for university then my world would have been a lot smaller.

True, the network of contacts I developed was great. I still keep in touch with a lot of folks.