Is it possible to integrate an art background into a resume?

I do both, Art and Design. Or more specifically, I make and design furniture but I also make sculpture that goes into the object and non object(idea) realm.
I’m gearing up for a job and I wonder if I should downplay my art back ground, totally deny it or try and integrate it. Both sides inform each other in my opinion and the methods I use to design(research, sketch models, etc) are the same for art.

The plan of attack is to make a flip book that will include my design work(CV/resume, contact info, card, website address), but I wonder if I should include the art, especially if it shares a similar aesthetic even though it operates differently on a conceptual level. Thoughts, input? Thanks.

first off, that chair is awesome.

I think it is best to show both sides and it makes you a more dimensional (and appealing) candidate. The trick is weaving it into a cohesive story so it makes sense.