is it okey to send my mini book to all design firms?

hi, i am about to send my mini portfolios to different design firms in US.,
is this right way to go for a job?
help :confused:
and thank you

You’ve made a bunch of mini-portfolios and you’re asking that question now???

Sure as long as you don’t get upset when they don’t respond.

Companies get unsolicited resumes, samples, etc. all the time. If they are not looking chances are they are too busy to respond… some might be too busy to look at your mini book. Some may keep it on file till they are looking.

I highly suggest you only send to the companies you are really interested in pursuing. Then follow up with a phone call, email etc. Be sure to send it to a specific person.

is your mini portfolio digital?..maybe a PDF and more importantly less than 1 MB in size? Shows your best work? Spell checked? Clear and easy to navigate? If so, send it to whoever you’d like to work for. Last I checked, e-mail was free :slight_smile:.

However, I would suggest you find the appropriate person to e-mail it to. Dont send it to because chances are you will definitely NOT get a response. Write a BRIEF introduction stating what you are looking for and follow up with a phone call about 2 weeks later if you can.

Exactly what Lauren said. Target your strikes first. Categorize all of the firms and hit a few from each category. Wait a while, if no response, go to the next batch. You wouldn’t want to send out to everywhere and then be stuck with nothing to do and no other prospects if you don’t hear back. Do a couple at a time, revamp the book inbetween groups based on feedback you get.

Yes I would recomend doing what it takes to get noticed. The main thing is to used common sensed and be smart about the ways you promote yourself. I did exactly what you’re about to do. DUring this process you will get the opportunity to learn and network and even last interviews like I did.

I even got an offer of employment form my leave behind materials.

good luck