Is it easy to work for Jordan brand

Im a student going to the Art institute of philadelphia, i really enjoy designing Sneakers and want to be working someday with Nike or Jordan Brand.
Is it easy to get a job there?
What do i need in my Portfolio to get a place at Nike?
I’m 21 and i really wanna know so i can be ready for that. Here is my online portfolio

[url]Coroflot — Design Jobs & Portfolios

Getting a job a JB is extremely difficult. Even for those that posses the skills necessary, it is rare that the brand hires new designers, because it is rare that designers leave the brand. In the 22 years of making AJ’s there have been about 14 designers.

That said I don’t want to discourage you. It is an awesome job. I love it here and has been a goal of mine since I was about 15. And with the right mix of talent, skill, timing, and attitude it works out.

What year at school are you?

I think a look through Mark Miner’s work in the footwear section is a good benchmark. Typically a portfolio filled with a good combination of concepts, ideas, cultural understanding, performance insight, prolific ideation sketching, a hot renderings is required.

Yo,This is my first year and i really like to design sneakers, i dont know but from what u said it seems like it’s going to be hard to get a job there? Could you tell me how did u get there? i really want to know.

It was not a direct path. I did some work for Nike while in school. After school I worked for a few different consulting groups before landing full-time at Evo Design. I stayed there for over 4 years before accepting an offer from Nike. Worked at Nike for almost 2 years and applied in Jordan. Got to know the guys here and did a few side projects for them before getting the job.

Each of us in the studio had our own totally different path to get in. Jay-Carter (moderator of the projects section) interned with all different places and got a job at Nike soon after graduating school. After almost 2 years at Nike he accepted an offer to work in Jordan.

Another one of the designers, Kim Glover, worked for many footwear companies for like 5 or 6 years, including Adidas, before coming to Nike, and then applying to Jordan after almost 2 years in Nike.

Yo: OHHHH, i got an idea now, that how it works, ok… Thanks for the reply and it’s a pleasure to talk to you, i have big respect and admiration for nike designers and i hope one day i gona make it.
I’m an international student coming from Ivory Coast (West Africa) i cant find internships and i think since i’m a foreign student it’s getting hard everyday, so i gona keep believe in and we’ll see.
could you give some feedback on this Jordan i made yesterday? it was inspired by the Japanese flag and the concept is all about royaulty, MJ the king that’s why i cut the sun into 4 parts to give that look of a crown.
Be honest and let me know what needs to be done better

I love the idea. They may have issues with the jordan logo falling over like shaq just blocked the dunk! Other than shoe specific details that I’m sure others here more knowledgeable than I can get on you about, I like it as a concept. it would definitely stand out from a distance, easily identifiable.
The rendering decent, a softer touch on the shadow under the shoes would be better and maybe a little more contrast on the body (the white is a little “flat”). But for quick concept work it’s fine.
What is the swirl on the toe indicative of? The rising sun sign is so graphic and definitive, you have to be careful with other things and make sure they relate. How would that look from the front, like a big smile on the toe or will other things happen there?
Good job, keep it up.

Thanks shinny for the reply, im going post more sketches about the concept and also i gona make a front view so that u can see how it will look like. For the toe, i will change it, because it seems like it doesn’t fit into the all concept, try to make it simple.
R u a designer? let me know, i need advices and critics so that i can improve. thanks