is it common to get offers from core portfolio

is it common to get a job offer from someone seeing your core portfolio??

I am not sure what kind of offer you are talking about. I have gotten freelance and interviews from my portfolio. A full job offer has never happened to me. I don’t know if others have had that happen.

Yes - I have had offers for both full time and consultancy work.
I now have a few regular clients who I work for and they found me through coroflot.

It is common to get contacted due to your Corfolio. Offers…I would not give you an offer without talking to you in person.

Sure - sorry I meant “contacted”
But out of that contact I have work for other design consultancies as well as manufacturing companies who have contacted me directly to design products. I think the key here is to correctly tag your work so that people with specific requirements can find you.

Every design job I have had has come as result of my core portfolio. Of course i ultimately showed potential employers a full portfolio at an interview

I have another question: is it possible to get featured in the Core77 blog when someone who is relatively unknown posts up something really good in coreFolio?

I have been offered freelance projects, opportunities to interview for full-time positions, and straight up full-time positions (no interview, etc), all thanks to Coroflot.

It is where 90% of my freelance work, professional contacts, and offers are generated from. When I see an email in my inbox that says “X Individual has sent you a message from coroflot”, usually half the time it is for some type of professional work, contact, offer, etc. I am extremely grateful for this. I couldn’t be happier with Coroflot, the service it provides me, the ease for potential clients to contact me, how intuitive the entire site is to use and manage, and the fact that is it all free.

The lesson here is to make sure you have a solid well put together portfolio on Coroflot and keep it updated. Polish your portfolio until it shines. I’ve found it is the best way to generate future work for yourself.
(by no means do I claim to have the best portfolio or talents out there on Coroflot, so don’t read it that way)

Core 77 is hands down the best group/association/society/website/blog/forum/whatever-you-want-to-call-it for Industrial Design, by a long shot. Thank you Core 77 for your efforts in our ID community and for your Coroflot service.