is it art !!!

gerry judah

check out this man
amzing is not enogh to describe his work

phenominal. I love it.

what am i looking at?

that’s some blade runner SH!t.

Quote of the day.

thats great. very meaningfull… forces reflection…

I guess as a old arch model maker I see something far different. Hey its cool in its own way but it would be a bitch to hang on a wall, people brushing by in a drunken stagger…whoops there goes the painting LOL.

oh yeah thats a problem… the peices are totally gallery approp. (anything is) but in an environment like home\office, they probably wouldn’t fly unless mounted up high or on the ceiling.

No matter where its a dust magnet LOL ever wonder why sailing ship models are under glass?

ahh, but art doesn’t necessarily have to practical. In fact, it probably shouldn’t be…

nope and on that level its art, but to me it looks like a bit of left over set work from a b grade scifi movie, or a re processed architectural model…I just dont “grok it”, so color me egg shell white.

I’ve always really enjoyed top view landscape illustrations, something about them is pretty cool IMO…

So these! with the great composition, and then real shadows to boot, are pretty sweet! Lining them up trip tic style was cool too!

and yeah…it’s some blade runner shit

in the year 2007 i never want to hear anyone have to ask the question “is it art” who has a basic study of art.

Ok so is it music then?



yah i thought that too]