Is 'Intersection' magazine still available in America?

I used to pick up this great magazine that seemed to be a cross of cars, design, and fashion called Intersection.

I hadn’t seen it in a while (2004) and found it again in one of my magazine piles. Does anyone know if there are any re-sellers of this magazine in the US or Canada?

The website doesn’t seem to list any NA distributors. :neutral_face:
( I wonder if it is because there is a Toronto based magazine with the same name)

I remember seeing that same magazine here dubmonkey. The only place I remember it though was a Chapters on Rue Ste. Catherine…next time I’m downtown I’ll check it out.

I’ve seen it in both Borders and Barnes & Noble as recently as January…haven’t looked for it since.

I haven’t seen it for a couple of years, but yeah, when I did it was at chapters.
hearing that it still shows up in the US is promising though. I’ll keep my eyes open.

Picked up the latest issue at Books a Million. Got the impression that it was a relatively new mag. Very good. Well worth the money

Does anyone know the rhyme or reason that some bookstores seem to have a great selection versus a so-so selection?

Is it the purchaser at the “Borders, B&K or McBookstore”? Do bookstores hire professional librarians with masters in print media?

I always like to check out a college library to see the contrast in published media rather than the regular grocery grab and go.

Moderator: Join the club. Here in Montreal we have a lot of newspaper stands with good selections, but still have problems. I find Autocar on the stand about 10% of the year, Autosport about 50%. Sometimes I will find a copy of a car mag from three months back stuck somewhere. It’s difficult to have a rythme here!