Is industrial Design PINK?

If we had to brand Industrial Design, what color would it be?
When we think of Landscape Architecture we think of the color GREEN,
When we think of Interior Design we can think of pastel colors, or light blue, then,
what color comes to mind when we think of industrial Design?

Could Industrial Design be PINK?


Green. Cuz it’s all about the Benjamins.

Cool gray #9, natch.


Can’t be a primary, its a combination of too many things. Could be green. Or orange (go Syracuse!)

Interior Design is mauve.

PMS 877C

I agree it should be a combination of colors, but at the same time I’d say I can see it navy blue!
This question came up as I was on World Design Summit 2017 website. When we register to get more information, the industrial Design button turns PINK. Interesting to think of our profession in terms of marketing values that the color would communicate.
So what do you say??? Is industrial Design really Pink??


I guess Karim Rashid wouldn’t mind having Industrial Design PINK!

Can you explain why black?

Thanks for explaining why Aluminum

agreed, aluminium

versitile, reuseable, recyclable, lightweight, strong… the list goes on.

Aluminum is great! but on what background color?

Aluminum or aluminium?

Jokes aside, when I think of aluminum I see natural hard anodized parts.
That dull pale grey color in marketing material on the web or in print would not convey very well how cool industrial design is!

technically speaking… aluminium … it was of british origin. probably the only word with an extra ‘u’ that the brits didnt just add in for colour.

Hi to all,

I find it very interesting that in two different forums, the Industrial Design community have reached the same conclusion: Aluminum / Silver color, Grey. (to my point of view are very similar)

If I thought associating PINK color to Insdustrial Design surprising in the first place, the results of these 2 discussions show me, that it might be a good idea to fix it Pink when everyone expects Grey.

Taking in consideration the context of the WORLD DESIGN SUMMIT 2017 where all 6 design disciplines will be associated with an expected color, won’t we want to differentiate ourselves?

The percentage of products that are pink is .00001% and pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.

Also, why ask a question if you have a predetermined answer that you don’t want to deviate from? You asked for a democratic response and got one.

However I have a new answer. Clear.

Why is it a good idea to fix it pink when everyone expects grey? Why isn’t landscape architecture represented with an unexpected color to differentiate themselves? Why isn’t landscape architecture pink? I certainly wouldn’t expect pink, so maybe it’s a good idea to fix it pink when everyone else expects green.

tbqh, this just seems like advertising for world design summit.

Fun fact about aluminum and anodizing: grey is really hard to control in anodizing.

I have no predetermine color, the opposite I’ve changed sides at least twice! At the beginning I was surprised from the pink color, then you guys have convinced me Aluminum/grey was the right color for industrial Design, but then I though, if Aluminum is so obvious to all, won’t we want to show different?

You got me! Lol!