Is globetrotting design a viable option?


I’m a South Africa, currently in Taipei City, Taiwan. For reasons from lack of creative challenge to lack of mopney I quit my my job at a blue chip ad agency (far too corporate and rigid in outlook/approach) and headed to Taipei City. Where I now find myself teaching English…Noooo! The grand plan was to come here, park off for two months teaching, and then get into graphic design this side.

No luck with that… I underestimated the market for foreign designers this side as I realised what a big issue the whole language barrier is (I only speak basic Chinese). So now I’m kinda looking globally for a direction… I want to head internationally, but I realise, that people are sometimes reluctant to recruit international designers due to all the red tape involved… Or am I wrong?

So (after that long intro) can anyone recommend where I should be looking for companies willing to/needing international talent? Especially companies who enjoy to experiment creatively and push boundaries/take chances (or am I being too idealistic?)

Thanks guys. Greetings from Taipei City.


Toronto (or try setting up a NYC-Toronto cross border office)

Barcelona? Sounds interesting enough…hopefully a lot more sunshine than what I am getting now… Any good sites to hit for that area?