Is Gateway FX6800-e01 PC Suitable for ID?


I just ordered this Core i7 PC rig on a refurb sale and wonder if it would be able to do what most ID workstations do. I mainly run Rhino, Flamingo, Photoshop and Hypershot. Supposedly Core i7 will make renderings fly but not sure if the gaming card is up to snuff for my Rhino use or how this compares to a real Nehalem based CAD workstation like Dell Precisions. The only big difference I see is the workstations have Quadro graphics cards.

Here’s the non-refurb version of the same computer I just ordered:

Will I have any problems with this PC if I use it for Rhino 3D CAD and Hypershot or Flamingo Rendering?
Would getting a quadro practically make this a bonafide CAD workstation?
I’ll upgrade to 6 gb or 9 gb ram and maybe a quadro card (if needed).
Any insights from knowledgable ID tool techies welcome!

so what it’s not a “certified workstation” or cad station, it looks like what you got will more than handle the job, you don’t even want to know the specs on what I’ve been running rhino and vray(slowly) on at home, but can get the job done (upgrading soon, no worries).

I personally wouldn’t sweat the Quadro card unless you notice it’s not performing for some reason, but I’ll let somebody else speak to that, maybe Cyberdemon as I remember reading a post where he mentioned Qaudro cards recently. ???

That’s good to know. I am glad I didn’t have to plunk down the $$$ for a “real” workstation. This rig was under $800 shipped and relatively affordable. From what I’ve read, Hypeshot seems to do great on Core i7 processors. I just hope the refurb doesn’t turn out to be a lemon. Knock on wood…Now to find a decent 24" and up LCD monitor…and some more ram. Hmmm also looking for a wireless card that works with Vista 64 bit Premium…

Just looked up the Tech Specs for Hypershot:

Graphics Card - any


Looks like a solid workstation to me.

Only experimenting and putting it through its paces will tell if you need more RAM or better video card.

I’d say you’re going to be just fine.

It’s on its way. I’ll get it next week and will see if it meets expectations…In the past I generally felt Nvidia cards had less hiccups than ATI cards when it came to Rhino but I guess tweaking settings and new drivers should make it OK.

Rhino seems to be the most forgiving when it comes to video cards - so you should be fine. I run a Radeon 4870 in my home workstation and while it sucks with Autodesk/Alias stuff, I haven’t noticed any issues in Rhino.

Hypershot and Flamingo are 100% CPU based, so no worries there it should fly.


Rhino runs fine on the Core i7 machine, Flamingo and Hypershot renderings are noticabely faster but creating smoother meshes on complex parts when changing to “smoother slower” still takes a while for Rhino to churn through.
I thought it would fly through that too but I guess not.

The stock, non workstation class gaming ATI 4850 512MB card has had no hiccups with Rhino and works flawlessly so far.

The Gateway rig has no problems running the ID software I use and it only cost $750 as a reconditioned Core i7 tower. All in all not a bad investment at all.

I was running stuff of a Tecra tablet PC and it just got dangerously hot all the time cranking on renderings…so much so I fried a motherboard once. My other desktop was an old P4 1.7ghz workstation that has served me well for a really long time.