Is everyone here toy designer?

Is everyone here toy designer?

I am a toy designer…
but I also do general consumer product…

Nope. Some of us design candy too

candy deign…cool

Hey pezzy you full time candy?

I am actually working on a few sweet projects…
weird… funny… but kinda whack since the candy is horrible…

The company I work for does a little of everything- but mainly novelty items assocaited with candy (i.e. gumball machines, pez dispensers, etc) We also do straight candy items too… So… umm… I do lots of stuff.

sweet! :smiley:

i’m a industrial designer in shanghai. but i love toy and love play~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey Kiki you should check out AdFunture and tehir shop…
great stuff!

I quit in march.

[i a new membership in core77.
i love childeren & toy & play.
i have kept my toy in my period in fancy.i studing industrial design.i want to work for kid.i worked my project in period of studing in this field. i want to work my dissertation about kid.cannnnnnnnnnnnn you help me that find nice topic ???

I do my share of “hobby” toy desiging. Did some free lance work for a company in the US but mainly high hobby marker design. :wink: