Is design 'solving problems' or 'creating problems'

most people hold that design is to solve the problem, that’s why in the beginning we usually start from ‘problem definition’. that means problems are from product, at least it’s part of the reason. so if we ask, who made the products, answer is: designers. it’s like designers create product(problem) then solve problem(assciated with product),and then solve the 'sloved ’ problem

or there is the other options: there is no real problem, because all the things you captured in your life have a protential to be a problem until you feel the needs to solve it. so the problem is depends on needs.however, sometimes there are needs that is in emergency which can be easily identified as problem, but most of the time i found there are needs which no one feel really necessary to fix except designers who want to change people’s life.

any other thoughts? ))))

Everything shifts. The perfect solutions to a problem are irrelevent in 10 years. People change, technology moves on or retrogrades, products get refined and quickly supplanted. Not really problem creation if you ask me.

This thread is worthless without examples.

Answer though is: sometimes. It depends. Maybe.

Your question is not very good, proving once and for all that there are indeed some dumb questions, despite the old saw that there aren’t.

you are right, probally i shouldn’t put it as a question, it’s more a reflection, not necessary to ask you answer or something.
what i want to say is design have little to do with ‘solving problem’ which is something teacher told us, but rather seeking needs. it’s simple as it is, good design fit people’s expectation, bad design create some unnecssary needs(there are too many example, those art work, for instance, creative, beautiful, make you smile, but do you need them, no).
my own opinion.

thanks for commons bty