Is CCS a good school for product design?

I am just wondering…

I know that CCS is a great school for auto designers, but

I don’t know much about its product design department.

lol, is a butter-knife good for spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread?

Just out of curiosity… are there any non-wealthy students who go to these schools that charge 120K for a 4 year education? And how did you manage to pay for it? All in loans and grants? I mean, wowza! I am going to a public university for ID and per credit, we pay about $263. So I can’t imagine paying 1000 for one credit! What I mean by non-wealthy is ordinary folks, who are independent and who are not being backed by mom and dad, like me. :wink:

I know my school is not Art Center or CCS and you certainly get what you pay for in terms of an education, connections to the industry, high profile faculty/teachers, etc… but how do these schools get away with charging so much? And I feel sorry for the ID student who racks up 120K in school debt (not to mention housing) and doesn’t find work post graduation! But then again, if you come from a well to do family, 120k is not a huge deal. What’s a regular inner city or middle class student to do?

I’ve been in some summer programs with ID students- and quite a few ended up at CCS. In fact, almost all got full or near full rides. They seem to be pretty good about that too- you have to file your fafsa, (and I could be completely wrong here…), but they seem to be pretty good about meeting aid+giving scholarships for lower income students.

Yeah, that does seem to be the case. I just went to their website again and it does mention that 98 percent of their students receive a combo of loans, grants (of which I receive) and scholarships. The scholarship awards range from 5k to 10k a year! But they determine that on ones academic achievements and portfolio reviews. I guess if you don’t meet any of those requirements, and you still get accepted, you just have to take out loans and grants only. Good news for students who qualify for Pell! This year I think its up to 5500! It took a while to qualify for the darn award too! LOL My first two years they kept looking at my so called “high income” of 28K a year… then when I went down to part - time work, finally in my third year, I qualified for one. A Pell certainly helps cut down on student loan debt, for sure!