Is birch wood a good choice for making wooden utensils?

Or no? :open_mouth:


You can use oak (red, white and others), cherry, walnut, gringe, apple, maghogany, chechen, maple (burled, birds-eye, tiger and quilted), zebrawood, alder, boxwood and others. I think that Olivewood looks great. i believe that is what Sonoma uses for their spoons.

(I used birch for a vase once, finsished it with Danish oil and it has held up well.)

While you can use just about any wood to make utensils, I’d stay away from anything that is open-pored as it will be difficult to clean. There can be health concerns with some types of woods as well (not just exotics) so do some in-depth research on whatever your final choices are.

What does Innovation really Mean? Does Anyone feel that this word has become a buzz word for ever design and consumer product company out there?

I feel this is kind of the same as the phrase experiantal design. Yeah its important but what does it really mean. Doesn’t It mean something different to everyone?

Just corious to see everyones veiw on this.