Is anyone willing to answer questions for a career project?

I know that I’m not the most well-liked person around here, but I come asking for a favor. A graduation requirement of mine is to choose a career and do a report on it. You had to choose it back in May, (and I chose Industrial design) and at this point it’s too late to change it. I still haven’t ruled it out completely though, so any help is useful.

One of the requirements is to interview someone in the field. I’m wondering if anyone could answer these and provide a name, and a signature. I realize the sig. may be a problem, but it’s required and anyone willing to send me a picture of their name and signature or something similar would be extremely appreciated by me. If you just want to answer the questions, I guess that’s okay too. I realize that sending a signature over the net isn’t a good idea, but anything is appreciated. Maybe PMing me a picture or something would work? Up to you.

That aside, thanks to all who help. Here’s the questions:



  1.              What are some of the top schools for this profession?

2. What education/skill do you need to be an industrial designer?

3. What is the entry-level salary/wage and top salary/wage for this career?

4. Where do you see the field in 5 or 10 years?

5. Do you think the demand for this career will increase in the future?

6. What are the options for career advancement? Lead designer, management, etc?

7. What are the working conditions, such as: length of day, shift work, overtime, required clothing, indoors or outdoors, etc?

8. What skills or interests did you possess growing up that made you choose this?

9. Are there any special character traits or physical qualifications that would be an asset to an industrial designer??

10. Would you recommend industrial design to a young person today? Why/why not?

Thanks again.