Is any F1 or H visa designer out there?

Have anyone of you got discriminated by Comapny because of being an F-1 or H-1 visa holder?

what do you mean by “discriminated”???

you mean not given a job?

F visa…a student visa…a student is allowed to live in the usa for the duration of his studying, after his/her graduation, the person can stay in the country for one more year with a permission to work for an American company…later, f visa can be changed to h visa…correct me if i am wrong.

I see why a holder of F1 visa could be discriminated, he can be hired for only a year…then the company will have to go through all of the hassle to help him change the f visa to h visa…I know many cases of f1 visa holders getting various internships, there was no discrimination of any sort. But most of them had to go back to their country, as full employment is really challenging in their situation.

Usually though H visa as I recall is given to a person who is coming to the USA to perform “prearranged” job…and is approved by USCIS that decides if a professional is fit for that particular job…so before you can even apply for your H visa your potential employer must file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor concerning the terms and conditions of your employment contract…so how can one be discriminated? to get H visa, you need to get the job first…and for an employer it’s quite a hassle to through all of that paperwork shit, just to learn several months later that USCIS said no-no…and the goverment doesn’t think that there’s a shortage of designers in the usa…easier to hire some local guy, really.