Is an ID major a good idea if I'm going into UX design?

I do have the option to change education , but do you think going into ID is a good idea if your goal is UX/UI design?

There is a lot of value in an ID education, but if you know you want to focus specifically on UI/UX then you may be better off focusing in a specific program for that field.

I will say that it’s probably easier to go through an ID education and focus many of your projects on UX, but you will never go through a UX education and focus on ID. But if you never want to do product design I would try and find a school with an HCI/UX focus.

I’m kind of curious why you’re asking the question… It sounds like you’re not interested in ID, which makes me wonder why you’d consider it as a route to UX work.

I have found that ID education is a lot more… rigorous than Cognitive Science or Interaction Design might be. There are a couple things about ID that can carry over to UX, but you can learn them on your own, and not in the ID-specificity that is kind of worthless in UX.

If you’re just interested in having a visual piece to your education, I think Visual Communication Design would be a smarter way to go, barring any compelling reasons you may have for doing ID. I guess it all depends on what kind of UX work you hope to do. I guess IDs 3D skills might be good if you want to work on video game stuff. All the UX work that I’ve seen so far (which definitely isn’t an exhaustive list) is 2D, and mostly in the area of computer software. I would gladly trade the little 3D modeling and perspective drawing skills I have for better skills with page layout.

I actually love ID and love how general it is and how universal it feels with it’s design. I feel comfortable doing a bachelors in ID than any other major which is why I hope that it won’t go too far and not prepare me for UX/UI.

Though I do wonder why UX/UI have a higher salary, product designers should be earning just as much or even more as they’re bringing value and success to a product.

UX is a very in demand field right now. Keep in mind it only took one team of Industrial Designers to design the iPhone, but there are thousands of software teams developing for that platform both internally and externally.

People are also starting to understand the value of what a bad user experience will do for a good product, and vice versa. Plus the hotbeds of UX work tend to be in NY/CA which are the most expensive areas to live in. But thanks for thinking that we deserve a raise. :wink:

If you’re into ID, then go for it! It certainly wont hinder you from getting into UX. Honestly, it will probably help you if you get into a company where there are ID folks and UX folks. I in general get a feeling that most ID people feel that UX is “a way for coders to weasel their way into design”, so if you have a ID background they will probably respect you more.

If you have the option to do any HCI or cognitive science electives, I’d recommend it. Also, there are a handful of free MOOCs (massive online open course) out there on these topics that you can take on the side that teach you the methods and actually have you apply them, which is great for the portfolio.

Perfect, looking forward to ID. But what my thoughts of questioning go towards is if my years in ID will help me build a UX/UI design portfolio and if my professor will understand my passion that’s more towards UX and not make me eat sketching for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not that I don’t like sketching but if I’m going to UX I don’t want to sway away from the virtual side of creativity which is what UX is about.

I think if you do ID you’re going to have to eat your sketching for at least lunch and dinner. It’s the nature of the beast. Saying you plan to do UX wont get you out of that. (trust me, I’ve tried!)

Maybe the better way to look at this is what you want to do with the education. It sounds like you want to work in UX. and if that’s the case, I would say just go to school for UX. This assumes that you like ID because it’s fun or a hobby, and you can work on that stuff as a hobby on your own. That’s kind of the approach I’ve taken. My ID skills are not good enough that I could ever get a job doing them. I can do UX work, and so that’s going to be my career focus. At the same time, I still plan to do product design as a hobby because I love it - in fact I’ve got some drum keys I designed at the foundry right now and I’m going to sell them on Etsy or something.

ID skills are cool, and if you can do ID sketching, it will totally help your UX sketching. Having the Visual Design piece in general is good, I think, for anyone jumping into UX/IxD… BUT, ID is probably the highest impact way to get that, and I think that some of the other lower impact routes are really more useful at the end of the day. (like VCD, as I mentioned above)

Just as long as through those four years I can make a portfolio that can land me a good UX/UI job. But I will look into those UX courses.

Strongly considering this now instead of jumping through hoops. Just ran across a Web design and Interactive media program at my college and in my campus, not exactly a UX/UI course but I hope that would be pretty close of an education to prepare me, minutes ago I Emailed the program coordinator about if this program will benefit my career path.

Edit:coordinator said it’s a good program for UX/UI
But its an advanced diploma not a bachelors degree if that makes a difference.