Is Alias Design/Surface/Automotive available for download ?

I’m a subscription user of Alias Studio. The download section in my subscription page doesn’t show it, just DirectConnect 2010.
I’ve asked Autodesk but didn’t get the reply yet because of weekend. Am I the only one and something is wrong or they are just late ? They said in the Autodesk Alias site that it would be available for download around April 8th.

Yes - the software is up. If you don’t see it just get in touch with them so they can set the right flags. I have the reverse problem - I downloaded Showcase 2010 and Autostudio 2010, but we haven’t gotten our updated network licenses yet. :cry:

only the products that you have subscription for should appear in the download section.
-on the right is a link to the subscription center
-In the center Body of text you will see a link that says “download your product software”
-A list of products should appear.

BTW: currently Alias Design 2010 is not listed. Alias Surface and Automotive are the same download and installer.

Im not certain of how to update or obtain the new 2010 licenses.

To Cyberdemon : thanks

To evangelist :
Yes I know all that.
As I said I have a subscription for DirectConnect and I do have a link to download 2010, I even received with no delay the DVD.

But I’m also a subscription user of Alias Studio (so I will switch to Alias Surface starting with version 2010). It does appear on my list of supported software, but does not on my list of downloads.

I’ve opened a support demand, hopefully it won’t be long.