is a Wacom tablet worth it?

Completely agree, that’s one of the considerations (even though I’m a ‘professional’) I am making at the moment about upgrading my equipment, I’m considering a tablet pc but I’ll just lose so much £££ (or $$$) at the end that I don’t think it’s worth it, and even with an Intuos you’ll get a great amount of money back from it… just have a look on eBay, there are loads of Intuos 2 going for surprisingly good money.


Hi, I saw very cheap wacom Cintiq 15x and CintiqPartner Tablet on Ebay.

here: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Any reliable online retailers for Wacom tablets?

Back when Cintiqs were nearly impossible to find, I ordered mine from this company. That’s my only experience with them, but based on that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Ok so I finally got the cash (460 USD) to buy an Intuos3 A5 / 6x8 and I’m delighted with it (I think I’ve been at it for something like 14 hours the last two days).

Anyway, one of the reasons I bought it was to practice my sketching (I’ve never really built up the routine to draw confidently, but that’s going to change now). I find it tedious to get out my traditional sketching gear, but the most important thing for me is that mistakes are so much easy to correct. Before I would have to make a rough sketch getting the perspective right, finding the correct shapes etc, and then trace over it with my DIY light table… then put on shadows etc. etc.

As said before, it takes some getting use to, but I’ve been practicing tracing over pictures and I can already see improvements. So all in all I would recommend it. Size wise the A5 fits perfectly, any larger and I would strain my shoulder. Last thing for people considering buying a tablet: get one with buttons on the side so you can easily zoom, ctrl + z, change brush size etc.

really? getting out a piece of paper/ pencil / eraser is more difficult than booting up a computer, start photoshop/sketchbook, getting out the tablet…?

maybe im just old school, but ill take a paper/pencil over anything tech any day of the week. that being said, i have been thinking of getting a tablet just for the fun of it…


“tablet for illustration or detail rendering in 2d”, for that i use my wacom, sketching in computer is great… well is fun , but pencil-paper is really hard to beat and is more affrodable if we talk about $.

I tend to sketch in fineliner, scan in, set the white (paper colour) to transparent, then sketch in the colour… looks more professional than marker a lot of the time, and that way I save on rendering markers (Prisma, Copic, whatever), so in that respect they are a real money saver… but you also need a decent scanner… and computer… and software… and electricity. Mmm… not so cheap actually!

I have an old Intuos 6"x8". I’m thinking about getting and Intuos3.

Has anyone ever used both? Can you tell me how much better, if any, the Intuos3 is?


is there a problem if i have a 4:3 monitor and u use a 16:9 wacom?

I’m making due the other way around [an old Graphire3 I got for 40 USD, and a 16:10 monitor] and haven’t had any problems, it just crops the tablet area [so I’ve got a 5x3.125 instead of a 5x4]. The small area hasn’t really bothered me, but I sketch mainly from my wrist instead of my elbow so thats probably why.

You’ll need to adjust the ratio in the control panel, which means you’ll lose some real estate on the sides of the unit. But in the long run the widescreen tablet is probably a better bet - any monitor you buy in the future will most likely be 16:10. (Wacom’s aspect ratios have always been a little bit off, and I don’t quite know why).

It’s only worth if it you promise yourself you’re going to use it. I got lucky and got one for free, but still promised myself to use it. I’ve had friends fall in love with the idea, try a few things here or there then get discouraged when stuff doesn’t look amazing right off the bat so be ware of that aspect of your purchase.

I’m going to get one this summer, my plan is to do the majority of my sketching with pen and paper, and then when it comes to rendering, adding a bit of color etc. I’ll use the tablet.

I borrowed my friend’s Bamboo for a few days and found myself just staring at the screen for the whole night. I like the fact that sketching gets me away from the computer, so I’m gonna try and get that balance between the 2.

Has any one used a Bamboo and an Intuos? I had no complaints with the Bamboo, but I’ve never really used an Intuos, so I don’t have anything to really compare it too, would I notice any big difference?

I surprised no one mentioned how great it is to be able to take a screen shot of your solid model and sketch and add notes on top of it to e-mail and iterate. This is the best reason to have one for me.

Exactly what I do. Freehand with pen/paper, colour and definition with the tablet. Makes a lot of sense. I find ‘sketching’ with my Intuos isn’t really sketching, but that’s probably just a practice thing on my behalf.

Nope, haven’t used a Bamboo, but I don’t think I could handle how small they are. I’ve used an A5 ‘Trust’ piece of muck and now my A5wide Intuos3, and there is no comparison. I find it a great size to use.

I would like to know if it´s worth a while to buy a Bamboo tablet? I already use a Wacom tablet at work, but I have no idea what model is (I just know the active area size is 8.2" x 5.9") and the Bamboo area is smaller than that… I would like to buy one to use at home, it´s a good price and it´s what I can afford at moment…
Any advices?

Thanks :slight_smile: