Is a chance to work as a forenginer designer in wuhan?

I have the chance to spend a few months in wuhan, but a wanto to work as a designer, after finding out about work permit, i do not now how to contact chinese companies.

Can any one helpme?


OK!! as i can see, there is no chance of working in china for a foreigner, so it seems that we are dammned to chinese taste in design, for at least the next 10 yeras, or until a new countre develops " a economic miracle", no!!!, my point is:

In a country like mine, the oportunity for an industrial designer is very limited, in means of market and money, we can’t produce a million of key rings with out selling our soul to the devil, so we cant go very far, the goverment hires foreigner designers to do the job, and factories just clone the foreigner design, or close down, i´m not talking about money, is about design itself, and producing goods that every body can get, and use!!

It seems at first sight that going to china to live and work as a designer, is a good idea, to live close to the production facility, but it seems, is a hard job, so, lets change the focus.


dude, go to this forum there are many experts there on China, Chinese movements.

They can help you out in your China adventures or being in China. But i must warn you, working in China as a designer as different from what u imagine.

Cheers mates,

Thats a good place to ask for help.

As having been living in Wuhan for 20 years,I am afraid Wuhan is not a good choice.
Maybe you can try other cities in China.

work and live as an industiral designer in china is much harder than u can image. as manufacturing and labour force in china r in a very low price many chinese local design company r not paid well and most of the time,designers have to work as copycat------that is to say,customers alway tell u what type of product in the market they want and tell u do a little change of it.that’s customer needs and we have to obey. In fact,most of the young generation designs r smart and have our own comprehend in design.but most of our cheerful origenal ideas are remain in skech or rendering big factory (OEM)can take a risk if they r not sure there is profit.
but everything will be okay, I want some changge and try to jump to some oversea design house and try things in a different way. there r more and more companys/design house founded in shanghai recently. also things will change as china’s economy evolution.