Is $30K salary for an entry level graphic/web designer fair?

Sorry this is a repost from General, I should have placed this here in the first place.

Here’s my situation. I’ve been offered a job for $30K doing graphic design, desktop web publishing, and some CAD work. Eventually, I may get into doing ID work (my college training and intention). I don’t want to get into details about this, because you never know who is reading. I am entry level and I do need training. This is a great opportunity to learn how to run a small company, and it will get my foot in the door for the future. I’m just not sure I the wage is fair and I can afford it.

assuming its in the GR area? i think that’s fair

Yes it is fair. Entry level graphic jobs pay between $28,000 and $32,000 a year. Entry level ID pays much more.

yeah actually entry-level graphic design even 25K ain’t bad (depending on where and the company). I’m looking for my second gd job after only being out of school a year and a half and I don’t think I’ll get more than 30-33K and that’s in NYC.

Yeah when your starting out as a gd you don’t make much. But keep yourself creative and brushen up your style, and soon you could be making bank. Best advice for you, dont let your job slow down your conceptual work. It’s very easy to get stuck in a corporate schtick and lose creativity.

Wow! I don’t think that’s fair at all! I started out making less than what I made at my delivery job through college. This was in Chicago where it isn’t cheap to live.
In all seriousness though, be tough & make it through the low end. I do look back and remember being alittle shocked and frustrated at the time about the pay, but I hardly remember it. I did a sweet Little Mermaid “Flixx” thing and all kinds of other good stuff that make the world a better place right off the get-go…

I think the classmates that I’ve talked to years after Art School who work at Walgreens or Target may have been in the same boat but decided to take the other path for whatever reason. Maybe they didn’t try hard enough, who knows?

Anywho … Wow! 30k starting gig! … I wouldn’t hold out for something bigger to come along for too much longer.

Consider yourself lucky making that amount. Thats like making 6 figures in PRC.

Don’t know if you took the job or not but 30K was entry level 8 years ago in NYC. If you like the place and think you will be able to add to your portfolio take it, but depending on where you are that sounds low to me.

In the late 90’s there was a huge demand for designers… especially web. Things have changed. Clinton is gone. Jobs are not in abundance but designers are.

…I was going to mention that big Dot-Commer thing too about 8 years ago. My buddies got jobs doing html that didn’t know a thing about it other than how to buy & sell comics off of Ebay.

:unamused: what!?!?!?! by that statement, what you think today’s entry level numbers should be?!?!?!

i think it’s fair, in Canada, an entry level position is like 25-28K, so if i think right, in CDN dollars, i figure you’re making 40 K or so… so if it’s good place, go for it…

You need to remember that in the past 5 years, all salaries in our industry have dropped in general (internet bubble burst, 9/11, recession). Print seems the hardest hit, especially when you factor in the slowed growth of the print industry (PDFs!).
Associates of mine who used to make over 80K in the 90’s are taking jobs at 65k. But of course the firms that didn’t go under by 2002 are offering less because they are getting less biz! It’s turning around though.
Take a job where you’ll learn a lot, build a good portfolio of real work, and job hop every few years until you are satisfied and saving money. Freelance like crazy while you are still young enough to stay up all night! Of course, after a handful of jobs, hopping looks VERY bad on the resume.
My first job was $14K - ten years later, six figures. Pay your dues and you’ll get where you wanna be.

yes it is fair, here is what you can expect broken down by region, position, etc.