Irony booklight

Hi all this is my first post, please be nice:0

Hi all am in the process of building my first piece. I am an Industrial designer but have always had the yearning to create things that have no commercial intent mostly experimental "stuff"I am a way through a piece I have been working on for a while (a matter of years) and am getting close to finnishing it. I have attched some 3D images on the link below. Please have a look and comment.
The peice is: a lofted ply base with 5 axis CNC’d semi translucent solid surface which sandwhices custom built flat panel lamps. Above this base is a standard/classic, unlit Incandescent lamp suspended by three descrete ultra fine filements. Opon the glass surface of the lamp are the printed words:“I am reading the lamp by the light of the book

The peice is called “the irony booklight” Please click on link below


I am posting because …I …am…running out …of…energy. I am posting because I sometimes love it and then question why I am spending so much energy and time on it.
I am seeking comment/critique.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I like the idea. Seems like you’ve figured out the manufacturing for it (though I’m not sure why you need a 5-axis, looks like it could be done with 3), any pics of the work in progress? I’m curious as to what stage you’re at, a matter of years seems like a long time for this type of project if you’re working at it consistently. Are you planning to put it in a gallery ultimately?

PS. I’ve heard embedding the pictures will help to draw interest :wink:

Hi Mirk, thanks for the reply. Yes have attached the images, ( disregard the orientation of the ply mapping) Yes long project. I came up with the concept last century and it has evolved considerably over that time, it was very clunky due to lamp technologies I have only been working on it seriously for about 4 months on this iteration, part time. The lamp technologies have just come of age to achieve the aesthetic proportions i required and had me consider OLED. custom CCFL lamps But all had issues such as multiple inverters or hot spots (with the CCFl’s) due to the very small void between the ply base and the underside of the diffuser to achieve the required aesthetic. Regarding 5 axis the project requires the spread of light from the book be very uniform and consistent hence the diffusers are more sophisticated than they seem from the outside and are integrated with custom made high brightness edge fed led panels.

I have virtually finished the ply base and am awaiting the lamps to be built and shipped from Korea. The solid surface resin will be fine tuned for the correct diffusion/colour temp/translucency characteristics, luckily we have a lab near my and a boffin who is prepared to work with me.

Not sure what I will do with it when finished, if it was strong enough to find a place in a gallery that would be good or maybe limited batch production.

Hi Mirk you asked about progress images, have attached. It is in the raw though as i need the other components before I sand further to achieve a perfect fit.