Ironman 2 water bottle

I just saw Ironman 2 last week and i notice that Tony Stark has a water bottle that i’ve seen in some design pages, someones knows were can i find the images of that?

its a clear blue transparent plastic bottle framed in white solid plastic.

has someone else see it?

I assume you mean the KOR water battle.

yeah its definitely a KOR ‘hydration vessel’ you can get them at and you can also get 15% off with this code: KWS-12368
good luck :slight_smile:


RKS did it.

They were making the rounds at the 2008 IDSA national in Phoenix.

Any chance on kor77 special edition ?

…sorry, couldn’t resist

Our company had a custom KOR One bottle done with the name of the company on it. It was printed on the back side of the bottle so when it was filled with water it looked like a fish tank–making the writing look really awesome! We did it direct through the KOR company. I too had a coupon that worked for the 15% off, when I bought my own bottle. You just enter this at check out. It worked on 3 bottles! KWS-12335 CORE77 should look into having bottles printed up!

OH–And that was sooooo cool to be standing in line at the theater with my KOR and then having people look at me after the movie and say “hey, that’s Tony Stark’s bottle!–where did you get that!”