Another little rant from hotmix

I find it funny that Next are so quick to jump on Asda for copying… … then go and unleash these trainers for £35

I cannot wait to see Nike clean the floor with them on this one. See the Flywire rip-off on the heel area. “unbelievable”

These have to be pulled!!!

Yo what do you think?

It’s a sad rip-off, but they are not advertising it as supporting wires…they are just printing the lines that visually mimic flywire. So there’s nothing Nike can really do. They can’t patent printed lines. LOL. But yeah…Sadness

Yup…Tony´s right…it looks like simple printings on mesh…nothing comparable with the Nike´s flywire.
Anyway…it´s not the first time that brands use to copy some parts from other brands…it is hilarious for me cause Im watching a lot of brands every day and you never know who´s really copying cause they present similar lines and similar details.


Yea what they have done with that footwear is clearly heavily inspired by the nike flywire trainers, but true, that stuff happens all the time and not much anyone can do if its not a functional or a 1 for 1 copy. But the irony is funny, that they sued another company for copying their apparel designs apparently then go out and copy flywire :confused: oh well.

Wow…the shoe game is so pathetic. Haha. My company included. SIGH

Wow that’s really close! Nike could probably do something as it’s quite a distinctive visual piece despite there not being any performance claims. The next logo on the shoe looks pretty close to underarmor too, or is that just me?

im not an legal expert by any means, but here at work i get stacks of footwear patents, (some design only), and every once in awhile a few nike one’s will be in there. But most companies dont take time and effort to patent their designs (there are so many and it can get too costly) so i think that leaves the door open for some copycats. But its not gonna get them very far.

Jimmy choo is a brand that patents alot of their designs, which makes sense because womens fashion footwear is often about a look, and payless can carry a version of a jimmy choo that to the naked eye you wouldn’t be able to tell much difference, but at 1/50th the price.

Jimmy Choo is one of the few footwear companies that bothers with litigation should another company copy them. Other companies don’t really bother, it costs money, time and energy and is it really damaging your brand, anyway? The UK high street thrives on knock-off.

Fashion is all about revivals, rehashing and knocking off - I’ve lost count of how many versions of classic designs I’ve seen of late, theres a Marc Jacobs boot with zips that is basically a rehash of a Liz Claiborne from the early eighties and many others too.

My god, I was shocked to say the least.

how does this man sleep at night.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Check more atrocities here

Ooooh bloody hell!!

Cole Haan´s got a flywire model too,

Well nike owns them so that one’s legit. I kinda like them though, I bet cole haan is having a field day, getting people to pay $150+ for a shoe that has virtually no leather and a very inexpensive outsole. At least now they are hitting clearance for around $80.

Oh really…didn´t know it.

Wait… correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t this site, in fact, praising him for his ability as a designer to create shoes that are just like the original versions?


i like that he admits his drawings only take a few minutes…probably because he has THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL to look at. a few lines here and there, take off the logo, and BAM!

i could have had my info mixed up, but i heard that at least Nigo paid some sort of royalty in order to use the AF1 midsole/sole/silhouette, right?

They look just like the knock-offs you see in the shops behind the Factories in South China!

All of the sneaker blogs are loving the new Gourmet line. They call this ‘inspired’. I call it a ‘knockoff’. Is this where the sneaker game’ is headed?

I hope not.

WOW! They aren’t even trying to change things up… That’s depressing

I’ve never heard that and doubt it. You can go to pretty much any fty in asia and get an AFI, Dunk, AM90, etc. tooling for free.

As for the stuff like that article about the AM knock-offs, it’s pretty crazy the guy would even show his face as a designer. IMHO. Gourmet settings at least I have some respect for. Sure, the pattern is pretty direct, but the treatment, mixing the outsole, etc. seem to bring a bit of innovation to it.

All those others such as the Bape AF1s, Greedy Genius, etc. I have little interest for or even feel like it deserves conversation.


Totally agree R.

Also agree with your take on gourmet, i do give them a little credit for changing up the sole and color/material treatment, but still is kinda wack in my book. All the new (within the past 5 years or so) street/urban brands are very unoriginal, in my opinion, very rarely do i see a truly new look from any of them.

Yeah, I can’t believe the ‘look’ has gone on for so long, too. I get lots of contact from business start ups and 99% of them want a ‘dunk’ look. I just point 'em in the direction of a copy factory, no interest in that kind of project. Do you know what? I think a couple of 'em made it to market with reasonable sales too.

Theres very few sports brands out there that grab me as a result - does anyone know Ozklen from Brazil? I love what they do, they always try different stuff, to me.