IronCAD vs. AutoCAD for exhibit design

Has anyone used IronCAD for 3D modeling and rendering?
What do you think?
I’ve been using AutoCAD 2002 and rendering in VIZ 2.0, but may be switching to IronCAD. Will I be disappointed?

Why do you want to change?
I use Autocad and Accurender, also 3ds.

Maybe not be his choice, eh?

Why not just use Rhino and Viz together instead? Thats what I’ve been using for years…

Rhino is similar enough to AutoCAD, so the learning curve won’t be too steep. Rhino definetly makes 3D modelling much easier than AutoCAD (no more worrying about switching the UCS to a different view).

The company I work for has a corporate office that is looking to change to IronCAD and it has been suggested that I possibly change as well.
I’m happy with AutoCAD for most of the technical things that I do - and I’ve built up a large library of .dwg models.

I had never heard of IronCAD or even knew that it has a rendering program built-in.

I will check out Accurender. Thanks.

How about FormZ as an option over VIZ?