Irish 2nd year student looking for North American Work

Im looking for paid work experience as a part of my course during the second semester and summer of 3rd year. (Jun - Aug 2009)

Any advise on companies, anything…


One bit of advise is don’t limit yourself by ‘paid!’. Unlikely to happen. Maybe you’ll get an allowence towards lunch/travel/subsidised accommodation, but that’s it. NCAD student?

it is University policy, University of Limerick. They said if we are paid we will be more likely to be given real work, not just making coffee.

Ok, well if it’s policy, but I think that narrows you to having a tiny chance of getting any experience at all. Something is better than nothing, and the fact is there are a lot of product design students that side of the world. You’re already at a disadvantage when they can’t actually meet you, and get to see your personality. How’s your portfolio? Why North America?