ipod shoe

Here is what i submitted for my ipod theme I just wanted to get some critique from you all first design i have done and i need to work on a lot of things.



Thanks for posting. An important part of learning is getting feedback on your work. I think in order to get proper feedback though it would help if you told us your idea and your age.

i like the ipod control molded into the outsole, good idea.

some quick toughts…

where are the laces,? or a closure system?

the forefoot bottom (outsole) would be too havy and slippery… sculpt it more

you clearly have an idea but you must explore it more before you decide to shear it with others… it’s very hard to understand what your intention was with this design… so think about what other people might say , or ask… and do something about it before you show the project

the positive thing is that my first designes were much worst than that… :O)