iPod shoe _ still in progress

only did a lateral view so far, the other views are not completed.

The thing I liked about the ipod is the oposite sides (plastic/metal) and the no show build. So I try to make a clean upper with no visible stitches and want to add a dual density midsole à la Asics DUOMAX.

I’m still hesitating between soft leather or patent leather for the upper, so I didn’t really do much to it yet.

The greyish perforated part is not plastic, since I thought it’s disposition might cause discomfort. It’s more like the material used on the Nike zoom Turbines : Cobec ?. Lightweight, breathable.
it’s not as clean as an iPod, but I didn’t want it too look too plain.

Also features a molded outsole like the Puma Mostro.

No brand, didn’t really think about it.

Thanks for looking, C&C would be VERY helpful. Thanks!

Yo- Is that enough toe spring? Also is the toe box too pointy?

Your sketch is nice, good color pops and line weight. you should take a good luck at hoops shoes outsoles and why they are so flat with a herringbone pattern; its for traction on a hard wood floor. so… the “Mostro” type of peg lugged outsole will be about the worst thing to play on, you’ll slide on the floor. The Cobec is a synthetic made by san fang keep it up looks and remember form follows function

Thanks for the comment!
That tread pattern will only cover the surrounding area of the outsole.

On a sidenote : How important is the material vs tread pattern for an outsole? I noticed on some shoes like the Turbine, Shox stunners and Air Max Chosen, there is not as much contact to the ground as regular herringbone. Traction with the turbines was incredible compared to some other shoes that had a flat herringbone outsole (think crazy :sunglasses:. The turbine has a very soft outsole in my opinion, so I guess it makes it adhere better, but also makes it wear out a lot faster. Also what are the common materials for outsoles?
I was told of 5. Duralon, DRC, Carbon rubber, regular rubber and gum rubber, but not so sure of what they do exactly, only that Duralon rubber compound is harder than Duralon

shucks :

Edit: also what are other factors in place for the performance of an outsole, besides pattern, materials and court condition? How low your feet is to the ground?

I think the sole side wall is fine with the texture you have but then for the outsole the texture would be different. although I cold see purpose in having something a lil more lugs for an outside shoe, but not for indoors.

I agree your drawing is coming along, I like the color pops and the green is a nice touch. the area i feel could be thought out more is with the upper and the three circles(ovals) I think these forms could be placed or scaled in a manner that fits with the flow of the shoe.

will be nice to see what you come up with for the final.


In my opinion: Your shoe displays an epidemic issue in the ipod aftermarket, particularly in America, that it undermines the cool minimalist design of the original product for which it is being created as partner. Maybe you should look to some northern european shoe designers as inspiration for an ipod inspired shoe,

Do you have any names or links I could look up?

Mm- I won’t participate/submit a final since I knew about it 3 days before the deadline and didn’t get to finish it or push it further. Thanks for the comments! I’ll work on the things you pointed out.

To be honest, I don’t even see where your shoe represents and iPod. It looks like a variation of the Sprewell shoe with the spinners on it. Are you anticipating an mp3 player built in with headphones running all the way from your feet?

As for this guy…

Maybe you should look to some northern european shoe designers as inspiration for an ipod inspired shoe,

I couldn’t agree more.

These seem a bit iPoddish:

Ouch :laughing:

Maybe you should look to some northern european shoe designers as inspiration for an ipod inspired shoe,

I couldn’t agree more.

I wish I could imagine what you guys are talking about, but I have no idea. Never been to Northern Europe,or to any design exhibition, nada, So I don,t have a clue how or why Northern European designers would be good inspiration. But if you could point me toward a direction where I could see some of the work, I would really appreciate it.

cg - thanks for the pics

The iPOD theme on KG was kinda tricky for me too. I had to find the balance between ipod-ness and function for my shoe. I just hope that my final submission would relay an ipodish feel successfully.

So far heres where im at sketchwise.

Im really stuck at the point where I dont necessarily wanna do too much more to it, nor do I want to simplify it anymore…