ipod project

these were done for a guys magazine (Sync) - parody of ipod article -they wanted ipod like guy things


1000 donuts in your pocket



it was a quick project did some sketches, got a few of them done up in Rhino and then some heavy photoshoping (the bubbles, rope, crumbs and donut texture came from photos I took)

hillarity. love it. are there more or just the two? what where some of your other concepts, brainstorms?

I’d love to see an iPizzabox

thanks - ipizza would be great.

there were a few others that I came up with that might have worked out - an iRazor/hair clipper, iDeodorant (iStink)

I did this one, it isn’t guy-specific and wasn’t used by the mag but seemed a natural combo -


Does anyone else have some projects to share?

i love white! that such a clear and clean look