iPod Predecessor - Phonotransistor TP1 by Braun

I just had a deja vu when I visited for my college work the site 50 Years Braun Design Innovation.

A bunch of design classics but one (by design guru Dieter Rams) was very impressive:

Thanks to the > revolutionary > transistor > technology> , an > extremly compact combination > of pocket receiver and > miniaturized > record player with a pickup which scans the record from below. Linked by an > aluminium frame > with carrying straps, the > portable TP1 > seems like a precursor of the Walkman, if not the iPod!

As you may notice, history repeats all the time. And especially design history is always a source for new products.

You can find a picture of the TP1 here: Radiodesign, but the pictures at 50 Years Braun Design Innovation are much better.