iPod Mobile ipod+cellphone critique please

just finished this project for the first quarter of school.

this is my first project post.
harsh criticism appreciated :open_mouth:

Dude_ you are ready for design school. This project is better than some stuff I’ve sen in college senior’s portfolios.

The difficult thing for you is going to be continuing to improve. When you get to school, a lot of your classmates will have a much lower skill level. They most likely did not go to an art magnet school, they might not understand perspective as well, most likely won’t be able to render at all (coming from high school art classes that are very graphite based), and won’t be able to communicate their ideas as well most likely, though they probably will have just as much energy, drive and ambition.

My point is, when you get there, look at the worst kid in the class. If he or she gets double as good by the end of the year, that is how much you should have improved as well. It might be in other areas, like learning how to do market research, model making, or whatever, but you are going to need to push yourself.

I don’t have much to say about these drawings themselves because they are great. The rendering style is punchy, clean layouts, nice elevations. My only criticism is the perspective you chose. The forced perspective makes it look like it is about 15 feet long (at least). Look at how a manufacturer photo’s a cell phone. The perspective and orientation they show give a sense of scale…

I argee, thats pretty nice. The fourth drawing on the right, with the pulled out bit on the end is way too dramatic, and looks super long or like it is streched or something like that. Did you do the eng. exploded view by hand? That is like the money shot for me. It lets people see the whole ordeal and makes it looks like it could happen. However you should be carful, clients will think that tight stuff cannot be altered. But its looking good, do you have your portfolio up and what school do you go to?

yea portfolio is up im gonna add it to my signiature

the exploded view was by hand…primsa blue pencil, ruler and lots of time.

I go to Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, FL

please do not try to design footwear,i´m joking.

i checked your portofolio,and is really good for 17 ys old.

hey Yo,this is my cell-mobile