iPod - kill the thing you love...

Are Technology Limits in MP3s and iPods Ruining Pop Music?
Read this interesting article in the WSJ.
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Isn’t it ironic that the iPod and similar devices squeeze (or better compress) music to death?

I remember a dinner party at an audiophile friend’s place. Some of the guests could not understand why he invested so much in the gear. Then he switched on the kit… Ahhhh emotions :slight_smile:

Or does the iPod address a different market/need? Are most of the people happy with “good enough”? Then why do people dock their iPod’s into an expensive tube amp?

What’s your opinion?


Most definitely satisfied with “good enough”.

Sony lost that battle 25 years ago with Beta vs. VHS.

I use my iPod for portable music. On the go. I don’t care if it is pristine sound. Hell, I don’t really care if its pristine sound coming out of a stereo. I appreciate high quality [whatever]. But when it comes down to it, there is a middle ground that hits the sweet spot.

You’ll eventually see a shift to higher quality audio with lossless formats. As of right now it doesn’t make sense…lossless requires too much storage, too much bandwidth, but as trends show that’ll clearly change at some point.

For the ipods case, obviously it doesn’t matter how good the sound quality is, because you’re almost always listening to it via two crummy little earbuds.

I think certain people also simply have better hearing then others, and many simply cant discern the difference. I would be interested to see some blind comparisons between some $10,000 stereo equipment and some $1000 equipment playing MP3’s through a computer with a nice sound card and some nice sound filters.

Better yet, tell them the $1000 setup cost $10,000 and vice versa. I’m sure you’d get more then a handful of “audiophiles” who say the more expensive system sounds better.

I wonder if this was based on technical considerations. I believe it was the pron industry who backed the VHS format to the detriment of the technical superior Betamax. So content is king after all… :smiley:

price is king…duhhh or more correctly price/performance is king.

Technical was all Sony was pushing. Better quality, blah blah blah. It was more expensive also. But when it came right down to it, people didn’t need “better quality” for playing movies on a small screen, taping soap operas, or watching porn.

Wait, wait… what did change? Why are people nowadays forking out money for High Def (ready) tellies Hard Disk based High Def recorders etc… for soap operas? My screen is bigger than yours? Mimetic desire? Why? Because it is technical better?

1 big reason is that “normal” analog tv goes off the air soon BY LAW.

Actually…not until 2012 now. They recinded the 2008 mandatory switch over.

Too many old farts like you that still want to use their antennas. :wink:

geez, when we will we/you/us learn. technology, performance and technical specification alone do not make the ultimate consumer product.

a lot has to do with marketing, consumer needs, consumer wants, political policy, profits, etc.

beta lost to vhs because of marketing. it was (and still may be) used for commercial/pro apps because of the quality.

ipods/mp3 won over cds because a consumer liked the ability to carry more songs, and the audio compression isnt a noticeable difference enough to outweigh convenience.

analog standard brodcasts in the US (NTCS) are by far lower quality than PAL/SECAM formats the rest of the world uses.

HD tv now is gaining popularity as more HD signals/content gets out. plus a good way to sell bigger tv’s for more $$$.

yes, nowadays lots of people make a big to-do over specs of tvs, computers, etc. but its not everything.

just some thoughts.


I agree with IP, definitely middle ground. I have somewhere around 400 CD’s (all real). I can’t take that with me everywhere- I’d be holy cow CD guy. But my ipod allows me to sit at my desk and rock to whatever- as headphones can’t really decipher the difference. But my truck can!

I do wish- that Itunes only downgraded the file when going into my Pods, not on my computer. I would LOVE the idea of unfiltered A Tribe Called Quest, and my other 100 favorites, at the push of a button. Can happen sooner than later with Tera byte drives making crazy price drops! But… I digress.

had sat tv for 8 years kiddo, first 3 meter now direct tv…