Ipod hi-fi?

Any comments on it, style, construction, sound? Anyone heard it yet?
I think it’s strange that there’s no long handle in the back like old-school boomboxes but 2 short ones on the side like it may be so heavy you’d need 2 hands or 2 people.

Not bad, but I wish it looked like this: or was more architecturally appropriate somehow.

I went into a concept house a few months ago that had an iPod dock flush mounted into the wall as soon as you walked into the door. Speakers where in every room, and there was a remote for the iPod… that was pretty hot.

You think there will be satellite speakers for other rooms with that thing?

I would think it would be less clunky and visual. The point is you want sound, so I would think one hidden box that you’d keep in a drawer or something, then just some plain flat speakers placed around the house, everything remote controled, or maybe a touch control on the speakers.

Skinny: Thank you for posting this. As one of the last non-iPod owners, this one passed by me.

I agree with Yo. It is nice, but it lacks the kind of interesting details that made the G4 tower so interesting, ie the truthful materials, mesh front and interface detailed like jewelry. I kind of hope that because this is their first try at the home stereo market that they just tossed it together for a price point.

If they tossed it together for a price point you’d think it would be cheaper than the $349 they’re asking for it.

I’ll have to wait until I see it in the flesh, but from the photos it’s not that interesting.

Personally, this does absolutely nothing for me, both from a design standpoint, and a function standpoint. I’ve got an Ipod, I’ve got Itunes, I’ve got a wireless home network that lets me stream music to my home stereo. Why would I need this device?

And what about those $99 iPod leather cases?? What makes Apple think that people are going to shell out that kind of money just so they can have the embossed iPod and Apple logo on their case? I guess maybe they’re trying to steal some market share from the zillions of iPod accessory makers?

toggs: I apologize, I should have done my homework. $349 is steep for a few speakers and a iPod connector.

Whenever someone gets to hear this bad boy, let us know if it sounds like $350 of aural pleasure!

Mr 914,
Especially when the Bose is $299. Even the iHome sounds decent for $99. For $349 that thing needs to really rock

I think it’s a tragic mistake.

What makes the iPod cool is that it turns the notion of a stereo system on its head. Unfortunately this product says the opposite.

I think a more appropriate design solution would be akin to pairing the iPod + Dock with the Harmon/Kardon Sound Sticks.

I agree CG, this just aint it.

This is that wall dock I was talking abut:

The full story:


Really what I want is a version of this that sits on a shelf and wirelessly talks to speakers all over the house with a remote. I know it would not be HiFi, but if I wanted Hi Fi, I would be listening to Vinyl not mp3’s. iPod should always = easy and lifestyle appropriate.

The iPod has blown me away since day one. As an early adopter of the Rio I can tell you what a difficult to use, difficult to upload to, memory challenged piece of crap that was (and you thought the finishes on your iPod got worn quick, I think the Rio had a vapor honed injection that got scratched by staring at it too hard). I couldn’t believe with one click my entire music library was on my iPod, if they can make the equivalent experience to creating a true home sound system, I will not use the Apple name in vein again.