ipod - does it even deserve this posting?

Alright, this maybe a beaten to death topic, but I didnt feel like checking the archives.

I don’t know anyone whose ears fit comfortably with the ipod earbuds.
Does a design deserve so much praise when its most important interface doesn’t fit?

I once met a person who’s ears fit the iPod’s earbuds. Once.

The iPod is not marketed as an ergonomic product. I look at default earphones in the same light as default mouse and keyboards with PCs. These are products where ideal fit for all people is impossible to achieve, so rather than design a high quality product that will fit a large chunk of people, and raise the price of the main product (iPod in this case), ship instead a cheap product that will not affect the price tag and allow users to select the product that fits them best (in my case, Sony MDREX51LP)

So maybe we should make this into a “What did you replace the ipod’s earbuds with” thread? The originals are just horrible (sound wise), even if you take the fact that they’re plugs into concideration. I have a feeling that people who use the original apple plugs, do this just to show off they’ve got an IPod.

Me? I was stupid enuogh to buy Koss PortaPro, thinking a product that had been unchanged in production for 20 years would have something good going for it. I would say, too much bass, doesn’t fit (me) well, too much rattle (the constructions makes a lot of noise when you move around and the mechanism for folding them together always pop up in my pocket, unfolding the set and making it hard to get them out.

I guess the really good thing with them is the life time guaranty. Lesson learned: always try, try and try before buying a headset.

Sorry for being very off topic;)

Other than that, I would have to agree with phoomp, the choice of headset is a personal one, so you don’t want to pay extra for something you’re likely to bin anyway.

I totally agree. I also find it interesting that Sony chose to ship white headphones with their black PSP.

Anyone else think that the white headphones was genius marketing. If you walk around and see a pair of white plugs, don’t you automatically think IPOD?

I see fools with white headphones and i think victim. then i rob them and go buy some crack

Not to forget the ones that buy Ipod-like earbuds and use them on whatever mp3 player, pretending to have an Ipod.

On that note, I’ve got two sets of white earbuds for sale (one from my ipod, the other from my psp), if anyone wants to look like they’ve got an ipod :wink:

My ipod earbuds fit me fine. I guess im a freak of nature?

Not at all. The Apple will fit some people, but not all. Different earbuds will fit different people. By the same token, my feet are too wide for Reeboks, but Nikes fit me just fine.

Good you bought this up. I love my iPod, but I seriously dislike the earphones. Well, it fits me okay but I’ve had a very bad luck with those white earphones. The first one that came with it, the left earphone stopped working after like three weeks. I dint wanna get another earphone for my iPod so I took my fren’s iPod earphoes and the same thing happened and again it was the left one. The third time it was the right one.
Prolly the way I handle it, but three times… I dunno…
Now I switched to a SONY… :cry: :neutral_face: :slight_smile:
Has anybody else had such problems with those white earphones?

I’ve got smallish ears and my white phones just constantly gave me electric shocks so I sold them. Got some sony wrap arounds I have had for years

During my degree I worked in the computer store on campus. I saw alot of headphone quality issues. Sadly, most people just replaced them with Apple phones …