iPod accessory of the year...

or at least the holidays. Or is this a joke? Has anyone ordered one? I want to get some for holiday stockings this year. My friends/family would freak. So funny. I want to rock this at mass Christmas Eve.

Why is poking fun at Christianity such a fashoinable thing to do?

I am not a religious person by any means, but it really torques me that in this day and age where we are socially forbidden from saying anything that might be in slightest way “offensive” to people of other religions, it’s soemhow okay and almost stylish to snub Christianity.

When did christ become kitsch?

If this iPod thing is okay, then we should be able to stick it to Islam or Judiasm in the same way without being accused of “hate speech”.

there was some crazy artist/photographer a while back who did an installation called
“piss Christ” where he submerged a crucifix in a container of urine. This ipod thing is derived from that sort of thing i guess. Just trying to stir up the bees nest.

It’s from StudioMod, Scott Wilsons site. Maybe it’s a promotional advertisement, gets you to his website?

Awesome. I’d love to see some better photography-- very funny concept.

I don’t think it’s a joke - it looks like it’s in production and was done in seriousness. I would question putting much of today’s music on something that is such a sacred symbol - I’m a Christian and found that I can’t listen to current secular music just because it contains so many bad influences.

I think its great. If this one sells you could easily make other versions for other religions.

i doubt this is a joke, i am a Christian and i think this concept is great as well. that doesnt mean i will go out and buy it.

Thats a winner… Period.
If you pair it up with the shuffle as a 2 for 1 on QVC during the holidays, people will flock to it. No question. Perfect for random quotes from the Bible. I’m not kidding. Go around town with that thing on and YOU could be a priest!!. The “iPreacher”…Brilliant.
I could see Ned giving this to Todd and Rod Flanders. They would be stoked on this thing!