iPhone Sprint

Hey guys…I know some of you have seen this on Kicksguide.com, but this was my iPhone Finalist entry for July. It’s a mid-range sprint spike, with a TPU “exoskeleton” system that relaces any arch/midfoot pieces, allowing significant weight reduction and breathability, while maintaining support and fit. The original entry (top) was revisited and redesigned, and I looked for a more geometric TPU structure that really tied in the lines of the iPhone; and also considered a quick-pull system so for an easy transfer into and out of this tight, form-fitting shoe. It would be cool to get some more comments/critiques on the design and redesign…thanks

nice sketches and interesting idea. in reality however the skeletalized tpu arch system as you’ve drawn it wouldnt likely be strong enough to provide midfoot arch support.

tpu isnt actually that hard. likely the design as shown would need an internal support structure, either a carbon fibre or TPU/PE shank.

still, the concept is nice.

as for aesthetic link to the iphone, i actually find the tpu structure in your design quite a departure from the solid surfaces and clean lines of the iphone. the upper is nice and clean, but the thin lines of the TPU dont really say apple to me.

would also be nice to see some more of your sketches a bit larger.


Thanks for the feedback richard- I was wondering myself if TPU was the right choice…i know its used a lot in track spikes and is somewhat supportive, but I agree that it wouldn’t get the job done, especially with so much stress put on the shoe while racing…thats partly why my design is aimed for the sprinting events, where the racing is done on the toes, and there is very little midfoot/heel impact. Glad you like the concept.

like i mentioned, you might be able to keep the concept visually, but might need an internal shank reinforcement. carbon fibre or nhylon might do the trick. also to consider is the flexing of the shoe, which might run you into issue where the TPU cage is attached (cemented?) to the upper. esp. where you have it near the metatarsal head in the forefoot.

for something like this, would be also nice to see an outsole view.