iPhone or 3G iPhone?

Finally the hours are upon me, they are falling off my countdown faster and faster as midnight nears this evening. I have a countdown on my mobile phone and a countdown widget on my computer, pretty dorky but oh well. I have been waiting patiently since February 18th 2006 for my Sprint contract to end. On that date my company moved into a new building and my phone service has not worked what so ever when I am inside the building. As soon as I step out the door… FULL SERVICE!!! I didn’t want to pay the termination fee to end the contract with Sprint, nor did my employer.

Long story short, should buy a 1st generation iPhone or wait now that the 3G iPhone will be released later next year, mostly likely during the 4th quarter, according to a majority of the articles that were released yesterday about the AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, spilling the beans about the new 3G iPhone?

Case and point, I’ve never had a phone with Internet capabilities, so I don’t have a basis to compare what is fast or not. Obviously 3G service is faster and it would be a plus, but is waiting for the 3G iPhone worth it?

Supposedly the 3G iPhone will also have 16GB of flash memory, which is an additional plus, compared to the current iPhone, which has 8GB of flash memory.

Should I wait or not, what are your opinions?

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If you read the tech blogs all the hard core techies knocked the iPhone for not having 3G, but unless you’re an electronics nut I doubt it’ll matter to you. I don’t have an iPhone or a 3G phone, but I’ve spent some time surfing the web on a friend’s iPhone and was not bothered by the speed. Sure, it’s not as fast as my high speed at home, but it’s more than enough to read email, articles, etc. I’m sure if you get on some wifi then it’ll be faster too.

I’d say it depends how pickey you are, and how patient you want to be. If it were me and I didn’t have to wait another year for my contract to be up then I’d be typing this reply from my iPhone.


The other thing that bothers me too is the fact that when the 3G iPhone is released at Apple and AT&T stores the current 8GB iPhone will drop in price. I wouldn’t quote that, but it could happen. I speculate that the 3G iPhone will run around $499 ~ $599, which isn’t cheap.

Anyone else?

I bought an iPhone over the weekend, love it.

I’ll upgrade once the new 4G service is ready in 2009 or thereafter. I guess that would be the 3rd generation iPhone or 4G iPhone, since they are about to release the 3G iPhone next year.

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