iPhone Inspired concept

Here is an early concept of a bball shoe I have been developing for next month’s KicksGuide entry. I wanted to get it up here early so I coud get some feedback and develop it further. The theme: iPhone

Key features: Full height rear foamposite with flex grooves, Mesh upper boot lining with tapered elastic cutout for easier entry/exit, Sculpted PU midsole for gel cushioning visibility, Translucent mid-wrap w/ Graphic Apple underlay, High gloss upper, toe wrap and paneled straps.

Here are a few development sketches that got me to this design. I still need to work out the other views but would love some feedback.

Thanks, Chad

Hey man,

I think you have a good start. I am going to submit something for Kicksguide this mo for the first time in a while. I just had a chance to take a closer look at the I phone at lunch.

There is an obvious idea of simplicity with this product as with all Apple’s products, but I think if you look into it, you can find some really interesting details. Example…the black band that wraps only on the lower portion of the phone. Also, Apple seems to do a nice job of hinting at color blocking without actually using different colors. Instead material changes make up for the lack of multiple colors.

I feel one of the most interesting things about the Iphone is the way in which color is used. Then it is so vibrant. You did a really nice job of using the bright blue to mimic this feel.

You have a good start, but I think some of your design is a bit predictable. The straps and the back piece that holds the apple branding area all the same size. Also, squares within the straps are also the same size. Maybe the back panel squares should be a bit bigger or smaller than the strap squares.


Nice sketch style and you can render, but a few points:

1> proportions: before we talk about anything else, your proportions are hurting you.

2> The theme is iPhone inspired, not necessarily Apple branded. The iPhone looks to reinvent the mobile phone industry by giving more function with simplified interface… how does that relate to this shoe?

3> If apple were to make a shoe, why would they make a basketball shoe? How does basketball relate tot he apple brand?

C-Limb - Hope you don’t mind me posting up my work up on here too. Also looking for some feedback and don’t want to clog up the board with iPhone topics.

This is my first KG entry. I looked at the iPhone and how it is more than just a mobile phone by combining technologies creating a device with an iPod, internet browser, video player, camera etc. From this I wanted to design a shoe that, like the iPhone, was multi purposed.

I wanted to create a running trainer that could also be used as a more sophisticated, smarter shoe that could be worn smart/casual in a club/restaurant or in the office for example.

Carrying on the theme of Nike and Apple’s previous collaboration the iWork, iPlay uses a leather strap worn at the users choice that wraps the whole of the upper and clips into the midsole. I felt ventilation was important with a shoe that is worn all day a number of ventilation areas on the upper.

Was just hoping for some feedback that I could use in the future.

My bad C-Limb. How am I gonna post my stuff on here and not even comment on yours?!
Really like your sketch work. Real clean lines, is it just a blue pencil you use?
I agree with Yo about relating the shoe back to the iPhone. Other than that I think its a strong entry, nice render!

Yo, in response to your comment “why would they make a basketball shoe?”, I think this is a great month for addressing the KG theme with a running shoe entry. The heavy lean toward hoops at KG might cost in votes, but realistically a running shoe makes more sense.

traveler9 im banking on your running thread at KG to have opened the door to running shoe possibilities. I agree that the iphone theme def lends itself to running or a “training” type shoe the best.
What makes the iphone important is the vast amount of information that it puts at your fingertips with a simple user interface. I believe that this is the important part of the iphone to be focusing on.
I hope to be posting some of my own design ideas towards the end of the week.

hallelujah holla back


C: I think you should take a look at your designs with out the apple logo on them. we should have no problem seeing the brand. that being said i see more motorola in your design. work on simplifying the design and minimalizing the amount of lines and shapes. Simple design with few lines is the bread and butter of apple design. I think that you are off to a good start but work on those proportions and think simple.


I could actually see this being sold in an Apple store without looking out of place. The design language is very Apple.

I agree that a Bball shoe makes an unlikely bedfellow to the iPhone. Shuffle and nano perhaps, but the iPhone is very polished and professional. The chrome/mirror aesthetic doesn’t seem to translate well to athletics.

I’d like to see more concepts that I could wear at the office.
What footwear brands would best fit the iPhone? Kenneth Cole Reaction, Bacco Bucci Studio, Born etc.

Thanks to all that have given their input. After reading these posts, I agree that a basketball shoe may not be the best suited type of shoe to convey the iPhone theme. In my concept I tried to mix in sleek and linear forms that are found throughout the iPhone and interface, along with wavy and more organic lines that are found in the Apple logo. I see where this is starting to look too busy and away from the “iPhone only” theme. I am going to go back to the drawing board and concentrate on simple functionality and aesthetics.

Boogey Man: I think you have an excellent concept going. I like the dual functionality and can see you pushing the details even further to make it stronger. Just a thought… can you somehow keep the strap intact on the shoe and still have it be hidden and out of the way when in “work mode.” I see this as something that could get misplaced or just not around when you would like to go out for a run? Yes, my sketches are Indigo Blue prismacolor and no problem posting your work here. I hope to see others as well.

Yo: I clearly see where my proportions are off. I placed your bball proportion sketch you have posted over it and understand that this must be nailed first - Thanks

I will try to get some more work up here soon.

Boogey Man.

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. A casual shoe this theme. It will be my first entry in about a year or so.

Hopefully you do not mind seeing another take on a lifestyle shoe for the i phone theme.

Take care man,

I was waiting for the finalists to post my final design but unfortunately didn’t make it. Here is a concept development page of my sketches leading up to the final design. As you can see I have switched to a running shoe concept.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Final for submission:

The iCool is a running shoe concept that utilizes a simple and clean aesthetic and high performance, which is driven from the iPhone. This concept uses a single strap tightening system that is layered through the upper and pulled from a support opening at the arch of the shoe. The main concept behind the iCool is to keep runner’s feet cool for an extended period of time. This is obtained by charging the shoe. The shoe is placed onto the iCool’s dock, which will then activate the cooling coil strips (the cooling coils are embedded into the midsole). A gel cushioning liner, which is on top of the coil strips, will capture and retain the cold. The cool air is then emitted through the sock liner. The sock liner is vented around the exterior to not interfere with comfort and yet still allow cool air to pass through.

Nice concept ad final design. The rendering got a tad muddy with a lot of reflections, but still could have been one of the finalists in my view.

C-Limb- DEFINITELY should have been a finalist. I wonder what those guys are thinking over There???

RH- I have to disagree that this theme relates better to running or lifestyle than basketball. Why? Because Nike has already done an ipod/running collab? Otherwise it would have no greater relevance. Plus that has already been explored. The fact is, it relates the SAME to all of them. How can you use the ipod’s seamless interface and multi-faceted functionalty to make ANY type of footwear better while keeping a clean aesthetic. It’s just a matter of where you want to apply it. Just my 2.

Overall, not many people did that for the theme.


Nice job!

My only critique is the “bondi blue” accent color. Apple moved away from this color with the last of the Powermac G3s, so it seems “old.” Lately they’re quite fond of just black, white and silver, but seem to have an affinity for lime green.

But the shoe definitely fits!

cg - The blue color I used is seen in many of the icons that are on the iPhone interface. The lime green color seems to be of the latest, like you suggested, so I did a quick color change as another option:

Thanks to All for your comments.

TH: I have to agree with you on this one, I think basketball shoes are def fair game for an iphone shoe. I was happy to see that my shoe made the cut, but i wish that more had been posted as finalists.

I was excited though, that the iphone theme left it open to non basketball shoes. Not all aspiring shoe designers (myself included) are into basketball shoes. I love to design basketball shoes, because i love to design shoes, and i think that dabbling in basketball will make my other shoes better. I hope that KG does keep more themes open to non basketball shoes.