iPhone deisign competiton

iLounge is holding a an iPhone design competition. They are gving away 3 next gen iPhones… get busy. Deadline is the 25th.

I cranked out a quick one inspired by the Mac Book Air.

…with the design chops available at apple, i am wondering why they run a contest such as this?..and another thing, why are companies willing to spend 100X more $$$ promoting a contest than they award the designers who submit designs…what’s up with that?..anyway, nice concept yo…hope you win.

iLounge isn’t run by Apple. Well, they say they’re not.

I think it’s obvious, but let me turn it around: why should they award the designers?

I wonder what jonathan ives thinks about all of this!

He’s too busy sleeping on top of a pile of money surrounded by beautiful women… I doubt he cares.

Well if he gets a small percentage of the products Apple sells then I can certainly see him resting on his laurels for a while. How much do you think he worth in millions ofcourse?

I think its hilarious that so many of those entries have track balls. WTF! Its got a damn touch screen, who the hell would use a crappy track ball. Now a keyboard I could see some seeing as an improvement. From what I’ve seen on the gadget sites, it looks like the new phone is fatter, white and more plastic looking. Perhaps they are trying to reduce that price point to reach the 10 million goal this year.

Back to the competition, which is sadly closed now- I’m liking the various “air” themed designs such as this http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/gallery/image_med/15339/ which are very apple as well as very obvious.

This is my fav though: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/gallery/image_med/15353/

Nice! Just like Bret’s Camera-Phone gift to Jermaine on Flight of the Conchords.