iPhone CAD


I am thinking of developing an iphone accessory.
Does anyone have or know where to get a CAD accurate iphone 3D CAD model I can use as a basis to design the accessory around? This would save a bunch of measuring and modeling time. If anyone has one or knows where I can download one that’s geometrically and dimensionally accurate, I’d really appreciate it! =)

try there.

you might wanna wait. there’s supposed to be a new iphone coming this june/july…

just saying.


You may just have to model the sucker. Apple have 2D drawings available. Using them helps to get the curves for starting…


There was a Solidworks surfacing tutorial linked from core77 just a few days ago, that used the iphone as an excercise.

Scroll down and you should find it!



Are there any requirements or hoops one would need to jump through with Apple if one wanted to make an static iphone accessory similar to a iphone case? Does Apple ding you for anything for making somehting that can be used with their product? Is there some certification program they force you into or can you just develop it yourself? Anyone know???

Anything with the “Made for iPod” note on the box pays a fee to Apple, but I believe that has mostly to do with hooking into the main port.

You might not need to deal with apple if its a simple mechanical connection like a case.

also. if you want the exact surfaces…why not 3d scan the thing?

does anyone know where to get the logos/ text on the back

there are images all over the interweb, i’m sure you can find a high res version and tweak it in photochop.

Wow, Apple has a site dedicated to product developers… does anybody else do this? It is interesting to me that they are encouraging this kind of sharing. I guess that the real intellectual property is inside the pod, and they know people are going to do it anyway, so why not just cultivate creativity?