Iphone applications

Know any cool, and i hate to use this term, “BRAINSTORMING”, applications for the iphone? That arent a waste of time of course. Too many apps are complete rubbish.

Ideally, what would a brainstorming app do for you?

quick reference to different techniques. throw up new words for word association, map out new directions for a particular problem, get the juices flowing if you will.

for techniques/methods. IDEO I think has their method cards in app form.

Where might one be able to download this application?


Where else but the app store? (Unless you’re jailbroken) http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ideo-method-cards/id340233007?mt=8

I’d not seen the IDEO Method Cards before, innovative use of an iPhone app from an ID consultancy.

Going to have to check it out I think.

Thanks for the great suggestions. Far too often do I find that if not used on a daily basis I tend to forget some of the most helpful techniques. I downloaded the ones from IDEO and for the free version you get about 6. You can purchase the full set for around 4 bucks. May try my hand at those…

Just get yourself Evernote. I use it all the time as a mind dump and also save websites for later incorporation into my blog.

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