iphone accessory development dimensions

Has anybody come accross the full dimensions of the I-phone including corner radii and button placement? I’ve looked around and all anybody seems to offer is screen diagonal, height, width, and thickness. Tried using the pics at scale to calculate the rest, but it’s just too loose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


buy one and scan it?

I can’t imagine that Apple wouldn’t make you sell your first child for that information.

csi trick, place borrowed phone beside or on top of a US dollar (or any other piece of currancy) snap photo, scale from known dimentsion of the dollar …csi to the rescue :laughing:

May be helpfull to pull the vector graphics from the owners manual.

damn didnt see one with a scale, back to the buck and a cam…

Have you tried contacting Apple? They have fully dimensioned drawings for the iPod on their site, so that stuff’s not a state secret:


Or the vector graphics, a set of calipers, and the scale tool.


Send me a private message with your email and I will send you a file.