iPhone 4... thoughts?

ID, UI, tech, features, marketing…thoughts?

Though we have seen it before (thanks Giz), I have to say in the detail shots, this thing really shines. Apparently Jobs was inspired by old Leica cameras. I can certainly see that.

THIS, is the phone I’ve always said I wanted. Pure, minimal, Braun-esque, no swoppy curves or random shapes. I don’t think I could improve on the ID if I wanted to. Perfect. This is the kinda design I dig. Something that looks good in real life, not just in a curvy sketch (no crowning!) or CAD render (probably actually not so hot in both).

Can’t wait to feel one in hand, I’m sure it will be a similar experience to when I grabbed the first Nano (“wow, this thing is tiny, the future is here!”) and the MacBook Air (“wow, is this thing for real?!”).

Some nice UI and features as well (improved screen, 2 way camera with flash, 720p video at 30fps, iMovie, super Gorilla Glass casing…)

Wish I could get out of my 1 yr old (of 3) 3Gs contract. I’d almost buy it at full price unlocked if possible (though not really given it will probably be 6 bills and just dropped for an iPad recently).


I wasn’t thrilled when I first saw the leaked photos but after checking out today’s presentation, I think it’s spectacular. I’m really digging the 720p video and Retina display. I think the in-hand feel will be better than I expect too. The video chat over 3G will really sell it for me though.

ATT is offering the subsidized price for contracts within 6mo of finish too. 199$ for 16GB is pretty hard to pass up.

Video chat is only wifi afaik.


For now. They need to talk with the “carriers”… more than one? Come on Steve!!! As soon as this hits Verizon, I’m pouncing on it. You’ve got it exactly right R, it’s perfect. I see the Leica connection, and love it. I’ve always wanted some vintage Leica stuff, but have never been able to afford it. This is the next gen Leica, for sure. You’ve set the bar pretty high Mr. Ive.

Nice work.

yeah, it’s wifi only right now, but when it trickles down to 3G, that’ll be the day for me I think. I’m still nursing a new 3GS which I still really like.

ok black or white?

I think I like the black front, but the white back more.

I’m not a fan of the white, I have to say. Something about the way the backprinting on the front makes the camera and speaker holes stand out and makes the screen seem much smaller. I’d be very interested to see how the white version sells in comparison to the white 3GS.
Whilst scrolling through the apple site I noticed the ‘Bumpers’. Interesting take on how to add colour to the product, though I wonder if they will take off seeing as they don’t cover the back of the phone, so I can’t see them offering much protection. Though if the glass back is as good as they say it is, maybe you wont need to…

For me, the thing that gets me about any Apple product is the way that they sell them. Their marketing and website are spot on, makes you want the thing without really knowing why. For example, a lot of the features that they are boasting about aren’t revolutionary… you’ve been able to make video calls for years (though arguably not VOIP video) and there are other phones on the market with better cameras (at least in terms of MP), but the package is put together so perfectly that you somehow forget that. Can’t wait to see one for real!

Thoughts ?

there is rough unholy desire burning inside of me… :wink:

Sure beats the living day out of the 3G.

Can’t say that I saw the Leica inspiration, but im not to familiar with their cameras. Tried really hard to spot it now that you mentioned it, but im not sure if i saw it, or if i just wanted to see it.

What still bothers me is the massive cuts/splitlines in the alu frame. Think it looses some of it’s very nice precision due to it.

I wonder what the reasons for not having the ceramic glass flush with the frame is. Is it because of the illusion of supersexythiness from the sideview, of because of easier to fit that bumper thing without ruining the overall appearance? (sidenote: Wow, those bumper variations made me cry a little… Way to ruin your phone)

The retina display will also be interesting to evaluate in hand, looks very promising.

I do hope that this kind of aesthetics is moved in to the laptop range.

bngi: I thought I was the only one that isn’t sure about the glass and steel not being flush. Seems weird in photos, but phones are so small, perhaps it works in person.

Leica: Maybe Richard can add more. The only inspiration I see is the mix of black and steel. Leicas were less fashion design and more functional.

Nice to see that Apple has been listening. Multi-tasking, a camera flash, etc.

Lastly, what’s up with their marketing terms. “retina display”? I thought it meant that it included a lasik surgery application.

Yeah, what struck me was that I was more impressed with what was inside, rather than the exterior.

Most impressive to me is the antenna system. I can’t tell you how many fights I’ve had with RF engineers over “this can’t move, this can’t be any smaller, this must be this shape!” The fact that they’ve almost completely externalized all the antennas and done it in such a compact package is a kick in the ass to whiny engineers everywhere.

“It’s just been done, you’re now 3 years behind the curve on cutting edge”

The “retina” display moniker is silly, but it is a good way of explaining concepts of DPI (which many designers don’t even understand) to the lamen.

I too am wishing I could break contract…if only I had upgraded my 3GS a few months earlier.

hahah. I thought the same thing. I made sure to pass it along to all our engies just so they were aware. The antenna is brilliant.

I bet the glass + stainless steel + glass sammich feels amazing. I have always hated cases for electronics and there is no way I would void the thinness and great feel of those HQ materials by slapping some rubber or polycarb $5 case on this thing. I’ve held out this long without an iPhone (mostly b/c I didnt want to change carriers) but I think they got me this time.

It might actually be nice to feel that step. I’ve got a ZuneHD and its got some recessed ridges on the sides and its actually quite nice to hold, gives your fingers something to grasp.

2 points.
the frame/chassis is stainless steel, not aluminum, which is awesome.
If I had to guess I would say the step is a by product of either a) the functional needs of the antennas b) the limitations of part line details with the glass c) a pure styling choice.

This seems to explain it. Even though there are some significant advances in antenna design here, there are likely still some limitiations, hence the lines. Personally, I don’t have a problem with them, I dig a little asymmetry in my designs.
Aviary engadget-com Picture 1.png

It’s undoubtedly a smart engineer/design solution to split the frame, and i dont mind asymmetry either. I still wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to make that cut thinner/less eye-catching. Or would it possibly create connection with the two parts.

But it seems like im the only one bothered by it :slight_smile:

You’re probably right. It’s hard to judge before touching it though.
I think my thoughts just leaned towards them creating a very nice side view, where the frame would create an illusion of the thickness instead of the actual thickness. The glasspanels disappear pretty nicely/convenient on those images.

Amazing use of materials, with an appearance more like a fine wristwatch than a Leica in my opinion. I bet the stainless steel feels heavy, solid, and cold. For more of a camera-feel, shouldn’t there be some knurling on the stainless ring?

How much of a loss or tiny margin do you think they are making on this hardware? Forging and CAM aren’t cheap processes. Neither is “aluminosilicate” glass or what-have-you; the video of the glass bending but not shattering is quite amazing.

I do hope the rest of the Apple ID follows the lead of the phone. When the first iPhone launched, the phone seemed to follow the ID of the cinema displays.

Those rubber-baby-buggy-bumpers look really out-of-place on that phone; leaves the door way open for aftermarket add-ons.

(I’m still using my v.1 phone, bought in the frenzied few weeks after the first launch. I lost $100 to hackers breaking into the iTunes store so my opinion of the company has fallen somewhat in the past few months. Not sure I’ll get in line for the 4.)

Gonna get me one.

Interesting question, not sure anyone knows. Even if they sell it at a loss they’re still creating new revenue streams with each one sold from iAd, app sales, carrier subsidies, and driving cost down because of the massive volume of product, plus the fact that they’re sharing so much of the architecture across their product family (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and the new iTV should all use the same chipset).

Plus the tech will decrease in value over time which means even if they start at a loss they’ll still wind up selling devices for a profit.

With their last quarter #'s I don’t think anyone is too worried about whatever loss they’re taking…I would imagine they’re still taking in some profit on the devices as is.

definitely. White or Black?