as i watched this video of the new iPAD cover i could hear the sound of designers everywhere going into seizures and banging their heads against their desk at how awesome it is.

damn. not again.

Reminds me of the magnetic vent covers at the Depot.

I immediately thought of the case for the Jawbone Jambox. Softgood with magnets.

Since it’s removable, it will be interesting to see the wave of third party products that use a similar mounting scheme.

Its pretty nice, and already targeted as the ‘must-incorporate’ design feature for 2011, for consultants and clients everywhere. The hand-actor in the clip is well-rehearsed, but it makes the somewhat complex gesture look easy…sort of like iOS.

I was instantly thinking about the emotional design thread people were commenting on yesterday, as I instantly felt the wow factor with that one!

How nicely executed is the snap on hinge? reminds me of the brilliant idea on my macbook pro of the magnetic power cable and the new unibody magnetic case clamp. It is always such a nice action as well.

I was watching the videa thinking “oh yeah a cover thats nice” but when it showed all the configurations and uses for it in such a simple design, I totally lost it!

How fast will an ipad 2 accessory hit kickstarter? Plus or minus 5 days?

My guess: A converter piece to make your old iPad work with the new iPad2 screen cover.

mrtwills: We need to ask Core if they condone gambling on design related bets.

The Cover: I think it clashes with the product. I know I complained about the lack of a cover on iPad1, but I don’t know if this is the best answer.

Overall: Can’t wait to see it in stores.

I’m in for minus 5 :slight_smile: What I would want is a magnetically attached slotted cover where I can slide in the bottom cardboard of a notepad.

Been trying to watch the streaming of the Apple Special Event but I think the server is getting iSlammed at the moment.

Is it just me or is the cover a more interesting product than the fairly reiterative iPad2? And since when did Apple make colorful accessories?

I thought the same thing… I much prefer the naked ipad2 over the cover+pad. Somehow it seems a gimicy on the simple shape.

It’s nitpicky, but I was also surprised by the curved corner transitions on the back… I expected them to be more sculpted or sensual (maybe like the iphone 2.0)

Anyone played with the cover animation on the apple website?

If you scroll half way down the page to the title ‘iPad Smart Cover. Designed for iPad. And vice versa’ and click on the last image under the text. There is a nice animation of the cover in use, which you can manipulate by dragging on the image.
Shows of the design brilliantly.

Not such a big fan of the cover. Although it’s better to have one. But I so wished they would integrate a (eleksen) soft-keyboard in it.
Off course they will never do that since that would imply that the touch-screen keyboard is a little akward.
And apart from that I also hoped that they would include ‘pen’ recognition so I wouldn’t have to draw or sketch with my fingers or an over sized ear-bud :wink:

Alright yes they have had colorful products in the past, but I was mainly thinking of accessories. I just think it seems to be a bit of a departure from their recent designs. The look of the cover on the iPad2 seems to tie in more with the current line of nanos and shuffles than the iPhones and macbook pros which the previous iPad did.

P.S. OSX doesn’t think iPad is a word :laughing:

I think its a smart way to handle protecting the screen, but the solar-panel esque form is not exactly hitting the right chords for me (also the color choice… I much prefer the leather beige one than the baby blue… classier).

I don’t like the iPad2’s form at all. The iPad1’s chiseled form was clean, mature, and felt great. This new filleted form fit in with the iPod4g (that I have), but loses the original’s clean-cut aesthetic for a really generic and bland form. The camera is awkwardly placed, as is the speaker grill. The buttons on the slanted edge will have the same issues I have with my iPod4g: they’re hard to use and not ergonomic (you’re pushing in a slanted 45 degree direction, instead of the original’s 90 degree actuation, which was painless and pleasurable).

I don’t think the cover will replace the need for a case for most people: when it is being carried in backpacks, briefcases, toted through airports, cars, desks, meetings, there’s bound to be some damage that could be mitigated with a sleeve/case. Sure, you can preserve and show off the design intent with just the cover, but people are more concerned about protecting their $570+ (recycle tax included) investment.