iPad Stylus

Hi all,

I hope I am posting this in the correct section (sorry if not) and sorry too if it is a repeat thread.

I want to start getting in to digital sketching as it wasn’t something discussed in school at all nor really used at my internships/current position. But always eager to add to my tool belt I want to give it a try.

At the stage I am at now I’m not willing to pay a lot of money for a tablet and want to go with what I already own - my iPad. I plan to sketch during my commute, at the weekend etc so think it would be perfect to hone my technique before I break the bank.

Can you recommend a stylus preferably no more than $50 and possibly post some examples of work you have done using it? Thanks!

I got the Applydea (from Maglus) after reading The best stylus for iPad: we review the hits and misses - The Verge and tried it with my Kindle Fire and Sketchbook pro … I will have to post some of the sketches.

I have no complaints about the stylus itself, but it was really more limited by what tablets and their software can do. However nice the stylus, the screen is only designed to detect a small finger, not a pencil point, so it is frustrating to try to work out any sketches more detailed than a post-it note. You can zoom in and out to draw some of the more detailed areas but that can be a little tight and unnatural (just like how it’s easy to zoom in a lot on the computer and lose track of the big picture). Your mileage my vary of course, and I have seen some awesome iPad/tablet sketches here, it just might not click for everyone.

Also about the lack of pressure detection is annoying, and a reason why I want to try the Wacom Creative Stylus, but the $100 price tag is pretty steep. I remember a thread a little while back that reviewed a lot of styli, maybe they reviewed the new Wacom one.


Thanks Robbie!

Yeah, I’m sure sketching on an iPad will not give the same results as a tablet but I just want to ease my self in to a comfortable technique before I spend the money. It would also be nice to add some elementary digital sketches to the old portfolio. I’ve also seen some great work done on an iPad which is why I was curious to know what stylus people are using.

$100 for the Wacom isn’t too bad if it saves a couple of grand for the time being.

Thanks again for the tips!