iPad Pro

How do you guys feel about the introduction of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil?

Obviously we don’t know the technology behind it and if it will match or beat a Intros Pro or Cintiq pressure sensitivity or accuracy, but what if it does? Will you get one?

One thing I’ve heard is the lightning connector is only at USB 2.0 speeds, meaning it won’t be fast enough to plug into your computer as an external display and use fully as a Cintiq such as running desktop photoshop and sketching on it, but I’m very interested in it if it has 2048 levels of sensitivity, palm rejection, and all the good dealios that are expected of a solid drawing tablet.

If it’s good, I will get I reckon. It is what I thought the last iPad would be but I was disappointed when it came to sketching lag. Keen to see vids and reviews. They say it has “Almost no lag” but we will see. Wonder what happens to Pencil 53 now and all those guys?

Just like mas this is what I always wanted from the iPad, but the pencil video has me very skeptical. There seems to be a ton of lag when sketching. It could simply be the thickness of the glass combined with a low shot angle throwing things off, but that video definitely has me in try-before-I-buy mode.

I am pretty pumped about it because I see it as a problem with the interface between the current ipad and all those 3rd party styluses.

I have an ipad - first retina model and pencil by fifty three but I still can’t sketch anywhere near as good as pen and paper on it. Have also tried a jot pro to no avail. I’m hoping that this might be the tool I’ve been waiting for.

What we also need is similar to what sketchbook pro has on ipad with its circle and line guides, but have a freaking adjustable ellipse guide! I was hugely disappointed that sketchbook pro on ipad didn’t have this, unless I’m missing something.

I’ve been very happy with my surface pro 3,using it 90% of the time as a normal laptop (regularly working on some 3d work). I doubt I would like to be locked in the apple/apps system for my dedicated work solution.

I have bought the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil quite recently, and so far, it is an excellent tool for sketching!! For me, it has definitely replaced working on the cintiq! It has almost negligible lag, and the display is gorgeous which makes me use it more often than the cintiq!