ipad portfolio presenting apps

Are there any apps for the Ipad that work well for presenting PDF’s like a portfolio? I am going to print it out too (larger, no battery) . But when I am on the go I could produce something for someone quickly.

Put the PDF to iPhoto and use the photo app. Or put the PDF in Dropbox.


You can also load the PDF as a book in iTunes on your desktop or laptop and once you synch the iPad it will be on your Bookshelf.

Nice, really? Does that give you the sweet little page-turn effect?

nah, PDF’s just scroll

nice thing about using Iphoto is you can pinch to zoom out to see all the slides to find the one you want and show an overview, then click on it to zoom back in. iPhoto does convert to a pixel image whereas iBooks keeps vectors as is so better for text if you are zooming in.


If you’re into Prezi, they have a cool app for presenting.
If used it a few times… the resolution can get a little fuzzy on the app version but I think they’ve worked out that bug in the latest update.

Awesome solutions, thanks everybody.

You would have to put in some extra work to set it up, but the new iBooks 2.0 looks pretty promising.

What about Keynote. You can set everything up on the Mac version, dissolves, page turns and a navigable structure with hyperlinks, then send to the iPad version through iTunes.

Minimal Folio is also quite nice. ‎Minimal Folio on the App Store
and Minimal Folio – Personal portfolio app – Simon Heys – Product Designer and Software Engineer – London, UK

Right, Keynote is very easy in use… I mainly use it.

Some pages about mobile apps!

Keynote seems like it wouldn’t let you jump around and look at particular areas whenever. I think what Richard was suggesting sounds like a solid solution for me.